I am really excited because I have a job!!! So I wound up with two interviews yesterday. Not just one. The first one was with a company called Abrams Artists Agency. And they were nice, it's a very nice agency, but it's very corporate feeling. My second interview was with Innovative Artists, and it was a much different feeling. There was a lot more going on, and it felt almost like an ad agency in that it was younger and funkier. The people I met with there were wearing jeans and a lot more casual. But when I got there, I met with three different people. And it was backwards. Normally, you meet with the younger, less junior people first, and then once you get past them, you get to meet the senior people. Yesterday, apparentlly, because I had name-dropped in my application letter, I did it completely backwards. I met the people in charge first, and then met with the junior person (although she really wasn't junior at all, she'd been working as an agent for like 12 years, I think she said). So I left there at about 4:30 (and barely missed the meter-maid--apparently I had been parked illegally, Oops.) and went over to Max's. I was having dinner at his house, and I showed up REALLY early, which I had been doing all day, but thing were so spread out time-wise, that I really couldn't avoid it. But I had gotten there at 5:15-ish and at 6, I got a call from Joe, who I talked to first yesterday, and he offered me the job at Innovative. And I accepted it. I start on Monday!

The only crappy thing is the pay. I only get paid $400 per week, which is barely survivable. I'll be making home about $1600 per month, but probably bringing home about $1200. Then rent is $525. My phone bill is $105 (although my parents pay it every third month, since it's their cell phones too). Food is around $300/month, but I split that with my roommate, so around $150 (hopefully less, but we can eat out if I scrimp on ingredients). Then I have to pay for my perscriptions, but I don't know what my insurance will pay for, and I've only got 2 that I'm taking actively (though one is $1.50 per pill-$150 per month without insurance--It's to prevent migraines). Then I'll also have to pay utilities (gas and electric), but I don't know what those will run, because we haven't gotten those bills yet, but they'll be split in half. The Cable is $90/month. Netflix is $18 (split).


$1200 (approximate after tax income)

- 525 (rent)

- 105 (phone)

- 150 (food)

- 100 (utilities?)

- 45 (cable)

- 9 (netflix)

- 40 (Rx--who knows?)

- 150 (gas)

$76 left for compulsive shopping and saving or employee contributions, or whatever....

So it's all survivable, it just won't be comfortable. I just hope I only need $150 for gas each month. I'll probably need more, but that extra $76 is cushion, for gas, a shopping splurge, tickets to something, whatever. This way I won't go into debt over something. And when I get onto a desk I'll get a raise, which shouldn't be too long.

Well, I have to go to the library and pick up a book. And request one...

Question of the Day: Did you expect me to get a job this easily (I've only been here for 2.5 weeks)? (My mom apparently did...)


Anonymous said...

of course you found one fast! also, i think you should be keeping about 1400/month (after fed and state taxes with standard deductions). that extra 200/month could go a long way (you should eat more/better food than 150/month anyway!)

DISCLAIMER: My tax calculations are probably accurate, but consult an accountant for definitive answers.


Meridith said...

Well, I'm not an accountant but I do payroll for a living and you should (if you are claiming single and 1 for both federal and state) bring home approx. $325.00 per week, if my calculator was right. And with the usual 4 paychecks per month, that's right in the middle of you two at 1300.00.

(check out www.paycheckcity.com)

Congrats! I know it's more expensive out there, but I'm excited to be making 10 bucks and hour, you should be pretty happy with that. A little tight, but that just makes life more interesting... right...

Anyway, I love ya muchly and hope you have a blast! Keep me up to date!

Anonymous said...

sure, i agree with $325/week. working 52 weeks/year with 12 months in a year, you'll find it averages to about $1400/month. the difference in our estimates comes from ~4.3 paychecks/mo instead of 4. Anyway, use the $1300 to be conservative, because there will always be other expenses that creep up out of the woodwork!


Debbie said...

I love comments!!!

Debbie said...

Oh, and I never actually did any figuring. I know that taxes took out a lot, but I didn't know how much. I knew CA was a lot higher than FL, but I didn't know by how much. I like that site you posted Meri. Very handy. Thanks!

Meridith said...

Yeah, I kinda thought so, too. Florida hasn't any state payroll taxes so I figured I had better find a site that will do it for me.

I went with the four paychecks per month because that is what most people use for budgeting purposes, that way, when you do get that 5 paycheck every third month or so, you have extra spending/saving money! That's always great!

So... now that this thread has gone toatally boring, how was your first day at work?? Give me a call sometime soon! Anytime, don't worry about the time change. If it's too late, I'll just let you know in my oh-so-sweet way... "ZZZzzz... call you later...zzzzZZZ"

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Anonymous said...

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