So I was thinking about it more and I've realized that I'd forgotten a couple of expenses. I forgot my student loan which is somewhere around $73 a month. And while I didn't forget it, I left off car insurance, which will probably be around $200 per month. I also need to get renter's insurance, but that shouldn't be more than $20/month. So, I do have a lot less than I thought I did. Although My friend Meri (who is completely awesome--I went to middle school with her) is an accountant and she says I should probably have about $325 brought home each week, so I'll actually be making about $1300 per month, but it still won't be enough to cover car insurance and everything else. It's a good thing my mom still owns my car, otherwise I'd never be able to survive. The car insurance is where I run into trouble, plus when she signs it over to me I'll have to pay to get it registered in California to get plates and whatnot. I think I'm ok right now because my mom still owns the car so it's fine that it's registered in Florida, but as soon as my mom signs it over to me, I'll have 5 days to get the plates switched over. Hopefully as long as it's in her name it's ok.

So later today, Steve and I are going to go cruising down the beach. Check out Malibu maybe. It's supposed to be around 82 degrees, I think today. So, we may hit the beach, get some sun. But Steve wants to go to Malibu to see where all the movie stars live.

But he's telling me now that it's a beautiful day and I shouldn't be inside on my computer in front of the TV (even though Son of the Pink Panther is on).

Question of the Day: Don't you just love Roberto Benigni?

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