Party People!!


I didn't realize this was a rave...


Where is everyone, this is so boring?


What is that smell?


These bubblegum cigarettes don't taste like they used to do they?



What do mean I have something on my shirt?















Who's Drunk? Us? Never!








We all love Danny!!



Get the Paparazzi away from me!!






Even the Security Gaurd is checking Danny out....




I'm only having problems hitting the pool balls, because they're cartoons.




Bond. James Bond.




Good Night, and Good Luck!

Question of the Day: What are your captions?


Oh my!

Ok, So I've been going crazy. I'm officially moving out of my apartment, but I don't know when. It depends on when I can find a reasonably cheap place, closer to where I work. I'm driving myself insane though with this search. It's so hard to find things in an affordable price range. I figure I can probably only afford about $5-600 per month. I can afford slightly more if it's within walking distance from work, because then I won't need to pay for gas. I might even be able to get rid of the car and thus car insurance. That would be awesome. I'd love to get rid of the car, maybe get a scooter for getting groceries and little errands. That would be so ideal. Plus they use less gas, I think.

Right now, we're watching the Olympics, waiting to leave because Steve and I are going to go watch a filming of Craig Ferguson. But it's right by the farmer's market, so I think we might leave early. I think we're going to stop there, maybe get some fruit or something that we didn't get this weekend...

I'd love to be able to really sit down and type/talk about what's going on, but I haven't had time...

Question of the Day: How much spare time do you have, and what do you do with it?


Work is Fun!!

Wow.... So much has been going on, I don't even know where to start. You should notice first off, by the timestamp on this entry that I'm still at work. I was just too exhausted to deal with writing a blog entry after work those first two days. Today's been really slow though, so I'm just sitting here at the computer doing fun stuff. I really like the job so far though. I'm working in the mailroom at the moment because I need to learn the ins and outs of the people and their names and all of that. And everyone has to start in the mailroom. If only so they can appreciate the people who work down here. I talked with Judi and Kim today, and I'll probably be starting in Commercial next week. I trained with Jared (I think that's his name) today on the computer system, so I know how to use the call list for the most part.

Question of the Day: How was your first day of work?


Waiting for Steve...

OK, so right now, I'm sitting here waiting for Steve to finish talking with his roommates back in New York so he can shower and then we can leave. We have to go to Home Depot and the grocery store for a few things, and I'd like to get out of here today, preferably before the sun goes down.

We've got to go to Home Depot because I've got a few pieces of furniture that I had made that didn't survive the move really well, although the table wasn't in the best of shape before the move. There's a shelf that needs to be fixed as well, but all it needs are some screws, longer ones than were in it previously.

I started making dinner earlier, because I needed to marinate the pork. The recipe says overnight, but anytime you marinate something, 6 hours doesn't make much more difference than 12, or vice versa. If I like this new recipe I'll post it to my recipe blog. I already made the barbeque sauce for the pork, and that is awesome. I love that, and I'll definitely post at least that much, but I may post the whole recipe, so I won't post it 'til I'm done tonight. I found the recipe at Food Network's website. It's an Emeril recipe.

Steve is finally done chatting with his friends, so I just have to wait for him to shower. He's being lazy about it too. Something about not being motivated to, unless he showers in the mornings. I shower at night to relax before I go to bed. It's nice, because I guess we don't have to fight over the shower at all this way. We may not even if I showered in the mornings because of different schedules, but it's nice not to have a conflict.

I start work tomorrow. I'm both looking forward to it, and dreading it. I'm dreading the commute more than anything. The job itself I'm really looking forward to. I'm going to be filling out paperwork, and hopefully getting started on fun stuff tomorrow. If I like it tomorrow, I'll call Abrams and tell them I've already gotten another position and won't be making it to my interview on the 16th. I can't really imagine not liking it, but I'd rather not burn my bridges before I've crossed them. I like keeping options open.

I think I will be going to bed early tonight. I was up so late last night watching part of the Olymics and working on a puzzle, I didn't get to bed until 2. That's not obscenely late for me, but considering how early I'll have to be getting up from now on.... Plus I'm strangely exhausted right now. I think I'm really wound up about tomorrow. I'm planning on taking public transportation, which is all sorts of crazy, I know. But I'd rather take it tomorrow and figure out where I can park and everything. Plus I won't have to deal with traffic and everything else. I will have to deal with changing busses twice, but I think (hope) I can handle that....

Well, Steve is out of the shower (finally!). So, more ramblings later!

Question of the Day: What was the last thing you bought at Home Depot?

My Name?

D is for Devilish
E is for Entertaining
B is for Bewitching
B is for Bright
I is for Impassioned
E is for Entertaining

Question of the Day: What Does Your Name Mean?



So I was thinking about it more and I've realized that I'd forgotten a couple of expenses. I forgot my student loan which is somewhere around $73 a month. And while I didn't forget it, I left off car insurance, which will probably be around $200 per month. I also need to get renter's insurance, but that shouldn't be more than $20/month. So, I do have a lot less than I thought I did. Although My friend Meri (who is completely awesome--I went to middle school with her) is an accountant and she says I should probably have about $325 brought home each week, so I'll actually be making about $1300 per month, but it still won't be enough to cover car insurance and everything else. It's a good thing my mom still owns my car, otherwise I'd never be able to survive. The car insurance is where I run into trouble, plus when she signs it over to me I'll have to pay to get it registered in California to get plates and whatnot. I think I'm ok right now because my mom still owns the car so it's fine that it's registered in Florida, but as soon as my mom signs it over to me, I'll have 5 days to get the plates switched over. Hopefully as long as it's in her name it's ok.

So later today, Steve and I are going to go cruising down the beach. Check out Malibu maybe. It's supposed to be around 82 degrees, I think today. So, we may hit the beach, get some sun. But Steve wants to go to Malibu to see where all the movie stars live.

But he's telling me now that it's a beautiful day and I shouldn't be inside on my computer in front of the TV (even though Son of the Pink Panther is on).

Question of the Day: Don't you just love Roberto Benigni?



I am really excited because I have a job!!! So I wound up with two interviews yesterday. Not just one. The first one was with a company called Abrams Artists Agency. And they were nice, it's a very nice agency, but it's very corporate feeling. My second interview was with Innovative Artists, and it was a much different feeling. There was a lot more going on, and it felt almost like an ad agency in that it was younger and funkier. The people I met with there were wearing jeans and a lot more casual. But when I got there, I met with three different people. And it was backwards. Normally, you meet with the younger, less junior people first, and then once you get past them, you get to meet the senior people. Yesterday, apparentlly, because I had name-dropped in my application letter, I did it completely backwards. I met the people in charge first, and then met with the junior person (although she really wasn't junior at all, she'd been working as an agent for like 12 years, I think she said). So I left there at about 4:30 (and barely missed the meter-maid--apparently I had been parked illegally, Oops.) and went over to Max's. I was having dinner at his house, and I showed up REALLY early, which I had been doing all day, but thing were so spread out time-wise, that I really couldn't avoid it. But I had gotten there at 5:15-ish and at 6, I got a call from Joe, who I talked to first yesterday, and he offered me the job at Innovative. And I accepted it. I start on Monday!

The only crappy thing is the pay. I only get paid $400 per week, which is barely survivable. I'll be making home about $1600 per month, but probably bringing home about $1200. Then rent is $525. My phone bill is $105 (although my parents pay it every third month, since it's their cell phones too). Food is around $300/month, but I split that with my roommate, so around $150 (hopefully less, but we can eat out if I scrimp on ingredients). Then I have to pay for my perscriptions, but I don't know what my insurance will pay for, and I've only got 2 that I'm taking actively (though one is $1.50 per pill-$150 per month without insurance--It's to prevent migraines). Then I'll also have to pay utilities (gas and electric), but I don't know what those will run, because we haven't gotten those bills yet, but they'll be split in half. The Cable is $90/month. Netflix is $18 (split).


$1200 (approximate after tax income)

- 525 (rent)

- 105 (phone)

- 150 (food)

- 100 (utilities?)

- 45 (cable)

- 9 (netflix)

- 40 (Rx--who knows?)

- 150 (gas)

$76 left for compulsive shopping and saving or employee contributions, or whatever....

So it's all survivable, it just won't be comfortable. I just hope I only need $150 for gas each month. I'll probably need more, but that extra $76 is cushion, for gas, a shopping splurge, tickets to something, whatever. This way I won't go into debt over something. And when I get onto a desk I'll get a raise, which shouldn't be too long.

Well, I have to go to the library and pick up a book. And request one...

Question of the Day: Did you expect me to get a job this easily (I've only been here for 2.5 weeks)? (My mom apparently did...)



Ok, so I have an interview tomorrow!! Yay!! I'm really happy and disappointed at the same time. The job it at Abrams, and I talked to the person, who shall remain anonymous, and he said that the pay is very low. (I won't say how low, but suffice it to say that paying rent and car insurance and for food and gas will be difficult without a significant amount of overtime.)

I also applied for another job last week that sounded awesome, so I want everone to keep their fingers crossed that I get it. It's at Warner Bros. Pictures, and it sounds like a major amount of work, but I think it'd be worth it. I'm just not sure what would be after that. I'm not sure where the career path would lead. The other job, I know the path and where it would likely lead me. At least for the most part.

Posting Job Title Feature Production Management Trainee

TimeWarner Division Warner Bros. Entertainment Group

Location United States - California - Burbank

Position Type Full Time

Posting Job Description Warner Bros. Pictures, a division of WB Studio Enterprises Inc. seeks a Feature Production Management Trainee for the Production Management department. As directed, learns/trains to be exposed to all facets of production as well as Warner Bros. production policies and procedures. Provides assistance to Executive Production Manager and other personnel in this department while learning all aspects of feature production as well as Feature Post Production and Production Resources. Works along with Executive Production Manager and his/her assistant. As directed, advises production personnel of WB policies and procedures; gives information on lot contracts and services; charge numbers; explains petty cash procedures and assists with any other questions production personnel may have. As directed, disseminates information to various departments on the lot, including Music, Legal, Corporate Insurance, Business Affairs, Editorial and other, regarding feature production issues. Learns how to break down possible feature scripts and identify necessary elements. Becomes acquainted with special equipment, cash availability and any other requirements for complete coverage of the script. Develops preliminary production schedules and script boards used for estimating purposes. Observes and interacts with various on-production departments and crews to acquire a thorough understanding of all elements used in production. Researches and gathers information from Film commissions in other countries and states to provide department with information regarding the desirability and/or feasibility of possible filming locations. Studies and researches, as needed, contractual obligations from SAG, SEG, DGA, IATSE, and other union agreements in order to assist effectively with all stages of production. Attends meetings with producers and executives to learn how production-related problems are resolved. Assists department heads and their assistants in assuring smooth work flow. Updates Warner Industry Credit System (WIC) to ensure accuracy of credit information given to producers and executives. Performs special projects and other related duties as assigned.


High School Diploma or equivalent required. Education in film,
communication or related field is strongly preferred. Approximately
six months of feature production experience as a production assistant
or staff assistant is preferred. Ability to interpret labor agreements
preferred. PC skills required. Knowledge of basic math, spelling,
grammar, punctuation, and English usage. Knowledge of report, letter,
etc. format. Some experience in the entertainment field required. Must
be able to communicate effectively and tactfully with all levels of
personnel. Must have the ability to work under time constraints. Must
be able to work over time as necessary. Must be well organized and
have good attention to detail. Must be able to handle multiple tasks.
Must be able to adapt to varied personalities associated with film

Question of the Day: Where do you work?


New TVs are fun!

So I finally got a new TV today. The old one came with the apartment from the previous tennants. It was the crappiest thing ever. It only got one channel and even that didn't come in well. We got the WB and for some reason that only came in fuzzy. Because that TV wouldn;t tune in channel 3, which we needed to hook up the cable to it. So now I've got a beautiful 27" Samsung HDTV. It's a flat tube which means it's a flat screen, but it won't hang on the wall. It's a tube, but not curved. It's really pretty. But I got it for $100 off it's normal price too because it's got a crack in the plastic housing. So I was very happy, especially because it seems to work perfectly. But we're watching Dogma now.

You can't be anal retentive, if you don't have an anus.

Question of the Day: When did you buy your last TV?


Mmmmm, Chocolate.....

If you're a boy, you really don't want to read the stuff in italics...

I really hate periods. I'm supposed to get my period today, and for once I don't have cramps, but I've got a headache and a half and my back hurts (although that could be this chair) and I don't want to do anything. I also want to head over to the See's store in Old Town and buy the place out. That would be awesome, but expensive. It's so weird to have to go through all of this dealing with a male roommate. I mean he has to know what he was getting into in accepting a female roommate. But at the same time, I'm not sure I want to throw away dirty sanitary stuff in the bathroom in full view. That's just gross. Even I don't like looking at it.... I think that might be enough of that rant except it's hard to think about anything else when my head is throbbing and I'm bleeding from a certain part of my body. ACK!! This is when I really hate being a girl. Guys really do have it easy. No make-up. No major hair issues. And No Periods!!

Ok, I think I'm done. So I mentioned something about chocolate in the above paragraph. In Old Town there are 2 awesome California chocolate stores: See's and Ghirardelli. See's is for things like truffles and caramels and boxes of chocolate by the pound. Ghirardelli is for things like chocolate bars and ice cream and they've got chocolate drinks too. If you go to Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco they've got all sorts of stuff like some serious ice cream and where they make the chocolate. See's is only available west of the Mississippi River, but they ship everywhere. Ghirardelli doesn't have many store, but it's available commercially in regular stores. I'm not big on Godiva, it's too, I don't know, upscale, boring. Back in Fort Myers there was a place that did chocolates that was amazing called Norman Love. It's out by the entrance to the old airport (not the new terminal). I love that place, but it's upscale, but not out of reach. Godiva goes kinda stale I think, and these are still a little soft and creamy.

Mmmmm, Chocolate.....

Question of the Day: What's your favorite?