Ok, so I know that I said I'd put more up while I was in the car the following day, but I was really excited, and then I did more of the driving than I had thought I would. My mom had been doing most of the driving until then, but I made sure that I was the one who actually drove into California. The drive was really short on Saturday, or at least seemed that way. We got into Pasadena at like 3 PM, and because Steve said that we couldn't get in until after 4. So we went to the library and wandered around. Now most people wouldn't want to spend their spare time in a library, but the library here is very cool. It's all wood paneling and different floors, and a real library. It's so beautiful. But I found out how to get a library card (I either have to get a new driver's license or bring in a piece of mail with), and then since, I couldn't really do anything else there, my mom and I decided to sit outside the apartment in the car, with the trailer behind us reading our books, 'til Steve came, and signed the lease and got keys from the landlady.

At any rate, I'm completely distracted at this point and I want to talk about this, but I can't concentrate because there's a lot going on here. I really should be working on application letters, and the TV is on and I'm starting to get sleepy (I went to bed at 9pm last night.)

Question of the Day: What distracts you?

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