Moving Hassles

So, I am even more officially losing my mind. I have to get a trailer hitch put onto my Oldsmobile, which to me is a silly premise, but necessary to pull the trailer. They can't do a temporary one, I guess that's just not an option. It's going to cost $240 to get the damn thing installed just to drag a $191 trailer for 10 days!!! I don't know about you, but that seems just a bit crazy to me. Plus, I doubt I'll ever use it again.

My mom and I spent yesterday driving to and from Westin for her doctor's appointment and some shopping. She's fine, the mass in her brain apparently hasn't really changed. They want her to run some more tests (see a neuropthamologist, get a field of vision test, see an endocrinologist and one or two other things) and then see her in a few weeks. But she's fine to drive with me, which is a very good thing, because I don't know who I'd ask now, everyone I know who I'd want to go with me either works, or is in another state. There's one or two others, but I'm not sure I'd be comfortable sharing hotel rooms.....

At any rate, the shopping part of yesterday went marginally well. I hate shoes as much as ever (that was half the reason I went shopping yesterday). But I did find some cute clothes. I bought 2 pairs of black pants because the only pairs I had before were either too big, too short, or washed out (or some combination). So, I got 2 pants and a pair of black short pants. I'd call them capris, but they're not tight all the way down, they're just pants that are really short, cropped. They're very cute. I also got a light purple heather cardigan sweater. It's not lilac or a pastel, but just like a light heather color that's purple. Then I got a winter white cropped length trench coat. It comes down to just below my hips and it's awesome. I completely love it. Plus it was only $40. So I had to have it. I got one pair of shoes and everything only cost $140. The shoes are not really what I was looking for, they're wood and black leather. They're very trendy, and won't last long as far as styles go, but they were really cheap, and I wanted some cute shoes that actually fit me for a change....

Question of the Day: What's your biggest shopping hassle?

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