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So I've been doing some research about the place where I'm going to be living, and while Pasadena is kinda way out there from where I want to be, it will work for the seven month that I'll be there. At any rate, I've been looking up where certain things are in the area, and the nearest Safeway is about an 8 block walk. (I'm going to be living on N. Euclid.) And the Pasadena library is literally a three block walk.

But the library itself is seriously cool. They've got downloadable books that disappear after two weeks, and a very up-to-date collection of DVDs. I was looking at their online card catalog, and wishing I had a library card already because then I could put books and movies on hold for after I get there. I'll have to sign up for a card the day I get there or the next day. It's really high on the list after a shower and getting the bed made....

Every time I think of all the things I have to do before we leave, and right after I get there, I start getting nervous. I just have to remember to take things one step at a time, and when I think of something new, I have to write it down on my list. *Just breathe*

Question of the Day: What else do I have to remember to do?

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