Last Post (Probably) for a few Days

So, this will probably be my last post until I get out to California. We start driving in less than 12 hours so as soon as I finish typing, I"m going to go shower and climb into bed, even if I have to take a few Tylenol PM in order to do it.

So, last night was great, I went to the Ale House with my parents for dinner to do the good-bye thing. It took an hour just to get a table because it's a sports bar, and we forgot about the Play-offs. My dad really shouldn't have forgotten, because he loves football, but we forgot, and the place was packed. It didn't help that it was Saturday. At any rate, it was fun.

Eventually people showed up after my parents left (although Stephanie came during dinner and ate with us). Tolga came and some people I didn't know really before. I was disappointed that other people didn't show, but Laura is having gallbladder problems not dissimilar from what I was having last April, so I had stopped by there to see her. Riku had already said he couldn't come, and so did Vanessa. Vanessa I saw for dinner on Friday. Riku was supposed to come help me move stuff today, but he decided to go buy a car instead. Other people, I don't know what happened. Maybe they either forgot about me, or just don't check their voicemail/e-mail/myspace mail ever. Which is really annoying.

So, I had to go pick Tolga up today because his car is a piece of crap and probably wouldn't make it to my house even though it's really close. But I needed the help and we got this done so much faster than if he hadn't helped. He's such a show-off though. We were putting the hanging stuff from my closet into the back of the car and he carried it all in two trips. And it's not like it's only a little bit. Granted I did put quite a bit in boxes as packing material, but I had a ton of stuff still on hangers, and it takes up 2/3 of the backseat. Plus when we were loading up the trailer, he was just carrying around the bookshelf like it was nothing. Never mind that it's 7 feet tall....

What was really funny though was while we were on the way back to his place, because I had to take him home, I was annoyed at the car in front of me, so I said, "Turn right, you know you want to." And of course the person slows down and nearly comes to a stop in the right lane (not the turn lane).

Tolga says, "I don't think they heard you."

So I respond, "No, They're just lost, he doesn't know where he's going." At this point the SUV in front of us, rather than fully stopping at the light pulls off to the right to turn onto Cypress Lake Drive. Tolga turns and stares at me and asks if I have any other recommendations. I just said, "See? I told you he didn't know where he was going..."

Question of the Day: Will you miss me when I'm gone?

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Meridith said...

Hellz yes, I'll miss you! There's no such thing as a stupid question, but that comes pretty darn close!