Fun in Pasadena

So, I officially love LA. Pasadena is fantastic. I live so close to everything that matters. It's a long but fairly easy walk to the natural foods store. There's a farmer's market right accross the street. Old Town/ Old Pasadena is right across the highway. The rent is low here because it's a poorer neighborhood on this side of the highway until you get further up the hill. But it's still nice because there are a lot of trees and you have to strain to hear the highway. You can't hear it at all if the windows and door are closed. I posted a picture of our living room. It's not much but it's kinda cool. You have to ignore the boxes by the bookshelf because I was going to wait until the carpet got shampooed to load the shelves, but I don't honestly think they're going to move anything to clean, so it's better to get the boxes off the floor than the leave the bookshelf moveable. So if you can ignore the boxes, then the living room is really kinda cool.

I love my orange chairs, and my movie reels on the walls. Those have got to be from the 30s or 40s. They were found in an old theater that got cleaned out and they were coated in this thick layer of dust. It was really disgusting, but after I took a hose to them and cleaned them up a bit, they're really nice. One is slightly bent, but other then that, they're gorgeous. And then there's my posters. I've got a bunch more in Fort Myers. They were in another tube that got shoved to the back of a shelf and forgotten, so they got left behind. But I've got a few up.

So I've been adding blogs. It's kinda sad really, when you think about it. Because I have nothing better to do right now. I'm looking for a job, cooking, cleaning, and writing blogs. I should have updated this one sooner, but there hasn't been a lot exciting going on, and yet I always think of exciting stuff going on when I'm nowhere near my computer.

Steve's friend Rob was over for several hours and I felt like a mother or something because I had made dinner the other night and Steve and he went out and played basketball while I went TV shopping online. The TV we got was something we inherited from previous tenants. It barely functions anymore. We can get one station, and that's not the station that the cable box is on, which is just sad (especially when cable is $80 a month--internet, too). So, we're stuck watching Beauty and the Geek every night, which I'm not a hug fan of, and even that doesn't come in well. I think once we get a new set, I'll see if I can perform surgery on this one. My mom owes me a TV because she stole mine before I moved. It was a nice set too. it was a flat screen CRT, about 27", probably HD capable (I don't remember), and had a DVD & VCR built in. But I figure my mom will give me around $300-350 for it, and Steve has a $50 Best buy Gift Certificate, and I've got a store credit for like $87. So I found this one which I like. It's wide screen, flat screen and HD ready. It's a CRT, which makes it less expensive than most. But it looks like something that will last through the digital/analog changeover. I've got a DVD/VCR so I don't have to worry about that (I just have to get my mom to send me the cables or buy new ones--I forgot them).

I have to do laundry tomorrow. It's not for lack of clothes, but just because I have to get into the habit of doing it. I'm not a big fan of doing laundry. I've already gotten Steve into the habit of doing dishes, which I love. I cook, he cleans up: it's fantastic. But I hate doing laundry, and I'm not letting him clean my underwear. Maybe if Steve was a Stephanie then I might be able to finegle that one and be semi-comfortable with it, but having a male roommate does have it's drawbacks. I'm just not comfortable with the idea of him handling my underwear.....

We went to the farmer's market today at Victory Park this morning. It was awesome. I got quite a few veggies and some fruit. I think I spent about $10. I got 1 yam and 2 onions, 3 apples, 3 pear-apples, 5 kiwis, a small purple cauliflower, a loaf of onion cheese bread, and a 1/4 lb. of sugar snap peas.

Question of the Day: Don't you just love farmer's markets?

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