So I'm trying to figure out the logistics of driving out to Los Angles (and I'm still not exactly sure WHEN I'm going because I still don't have an apartment to go to). What I figure is the day I leave I'll drive from here (Fort Myers) to Mobile, Alabama. The only reason for that is that I'm going to want to be officially out of Florida on that first day. Other than that, there's no real reason. Google marks that as 13 hours, but they probably drive the speed limit (which I don't), though I know they don't account for stops like potty breaks or meals. So, that's probably about right.

Day two, I'll drive from there to Houston. That'll be about 10 hours of driving including rest stops I figure. My dad's got a friend there and I might be able to crash on their couch for the night.

Day three, I'll go to El Paso. Google says that's 14 hours, so I may break that up a bit or go to Austin the day before instead of staying over in Houston, but that's a decision I'll make on the road to see how tired I am.

Day four, I'll scoot over to Phoenix. I've got a friend who lives there who if I ask nicely may let me sleep on his couch, but I'll have to ask him first. I haven't talked to him in a while. He used to live here in Fort Myers, but then got a better job out there.

Last day, I'll drive to Beverly Hills, or wherever I finally find an apartment. I don't know where I'm going to be living yet, so I don't know when I'm leaving. This is really very frustrating. The whole trip is supposed to take around 50 hours, which is a hell of a lot of driving, but I think I can do it in five days. I could probably do it in less if I had better stops along the way, or more friends.....

Question of the Day: What's the longest drive you've taken in a single day?

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Anonymous said...

I've driven about 23 hours from Ithaca, NY down to Daytona Beach, FL. I split the drive with others but I think that still counts...? I've driven from Boston area to Los Angeles 3 times... but not more than ~550 miles in a day.