Closer and Closer

So as the drive date gets closer and closer I get more and more frantic. I know this has been a running theme for the last, oh, 10 entries, but I really can't think of anything else to write about right now. It's what's going on in my life and taking up all of my time.

At any rate, I spent all day yesterday running errands, and have more to do today. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning. I closed my local bank account. I stopped at Costco to get gas and calculate the gas mileage we got on Tuesday when we went over to Westin. We got 25 mpg which was much better than I thought we'd get so I'm hoping we'll get around 18-19 mpg with the trailer on the highway. If we can get that, I won't spend much more on gas than I had originally planned. Then I stopped by where CD Warehouse used to be, but it's now closed, so I couldn't sell my CDs there. I then went over to Discount Auto Parts and tried to get refills for my wiper blades, but they didn't fit, so I had to buy all new ones. It wasn't really expensive, but more annoying. The big thing was that I'm trying to save every dime. The refills were only $5 for a pair and the entire blade was $7 each. I was also supposed to have lunch with one of the Steves I know (I think there are 6 of them if you include the Stephanie's), but I've never actually met him and we didn't realize that he's in Naples and I'm in Fort Myers. So, we skipped it yesterday and he's going to come up for Saturday night. So I went home for lunch and figured out where I could sell my CDs. I had books that I didn't want, so I took those over to the library for Donation. I stopped at AAA for maps and a Triptik from here to Pasadena. I also got different World Maps to decorate with. Then I went to Spec's to sell my CDs. They only took about 1/4 of them, but I still made $119. Then I went to Publix and got some groceries because my parents both had doctor's appointments, so I was in charge of dinner. I made my award winning Tortellini Soup. I'll post that recipe later...

Question of the Day: What's driving you crazy right now?

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