I'm feeling very blah right now. I'm just waiting for my computer to download the new updates and then I have to do the dishes and go to bed. I'm very sleepy. But there are 4 updates: An iPod update that I don't need but I download because otherwise it'll bug me about it until kingdom come, an iTunes update, a Quicktime update (they're the same now though), and an OS X update. I have to restart the computer for two of them otherwise I wouldn't care and just put it down on the table. But since I have shut this thing down and all of that, I'll wait until it's finished.

Apple came out with new computers yesterday. It kind of amuses me. The first one is the new iMac which is essentially the same as the current one in looks and whatnot. It's still a screen on a stick and all of that, which makes me very happy. The thing about these new computers is that they've got Intel chips in them. I found it amusing because on Apple's homepage they had a slogan I guess that said, "What's an Intel Chip doing in a Mac? A whole lot more than it's ever done in a PC." I saw that and it made me very happy. The other new computer they've got is the MacBook, which is essentially the long awaited version of the G5 Powerbook which IBM could never produce the chips for. That was the major reason Apple switched to Intel: IBM (who was making the chips previously) wasn't producing a G5 chip for a laptop in the timeframe that Apple had specified. They were supposed to come out with a G5 laptop like a year ago and it never happened. So, Intel got Apple's business. Now, instead of a PowerBook, we've got a MacBook (which is a silly name, but I suppose it works, gotta talk to those kooks in marketing). Plus iLife '06 just came out and there's some cool looking features in that, but I haven't looked at that too closely because I got distracted by the fact that Angelina Jolie announced she's pregnant.

Question of the Day: What's your opinion on the Apple/Intel/IBM situation?

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