I want people to respond and fill this out in the comments section....

  1. What is your full name? Deborah *** ****** (Are you crazy?? I'm not putting my full name on here...)

  2. What color pants are you wearing? blue/green/white pajama bottoms

  3. Siblings? none

  4. What is under your bed? an empty underbead storage container (i haven't had time to shove stuff under there yet)

  5. Favorite flowers? gardenias or lavender

  6. What did you do for your last birthday?i honestly don't remember, it was almost a year ago. i think we went out to a restaurant and to a bar...

  7. What do you collect? postcards

  8. What is your occupation? currently unemployed

  9. What are you listening to right now? iTunes

  10. What was your favorite vacation spot? I have to choose? Probably New Zealand because I was on my own and met lots of new people

  11. What was the last thing you ate? Froot Loops

  12. Do you wish on stars? usually

  13. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Eggplant

  14. How is the weather right now? bright & sunny, but cool

  15. Last person you spoke to on the phone? My mommy (she's 3000 miles away)

  16. How many different size jeans are in your closet? only one, but they're all too big

  17. How old are you today? 22

  18. Favorite drink? tea, juice, soda, smoothies, depends on my mood

  19. Favorite sport to watch? Rugby

  20. Have you ever dyed your hair? yeah-- purple, black, bleached but it turned orange, red, purple again. (all at different times)

  21. Do you wear contacts? One

  22. Pets? nope sadly no time once I find a job

  23. Favorite month? huh? what kind of question is that? I could see favorite season....

  24. Favorite food? the edible kind

  25. What was the last movie you watched? Usual Suspects (All time favorite movie)

  26. Favorite day of the year? probably new years for the new beginnings, but i love halloween and st. patrick's too

  27. What do you do to vent anger? shower and sleep. sing really really loudly

  28. What was your favorite toy as a child? who knows? legos, teddy bear, a doll, books. I don't remember....

  29. Fall or Spring? fall--usually cooler weather

  30. Hugs or kisses? hugs

  31. Cherry or Blueberry? cherry

  32. Do you want your friends to mail you back? Well, you can respond in the comment, that would be cool....

  33. Who is least likely to respond? dunno...

  34. Who is most likely to respond? who knows?

  35. Living arrangements? i live in an apartment in pasadena with my roommate, Steve (separate rooms)

  36. When was the last time you cried? Leaving Fort Myers, saying goodbye to my dad. I'm surprised I didn't cry saying goodbye to my mom, but i had to drop her off at the airport, and i was getting honked at, so there wasn't time...

  37. What is on the floor of your closet? shoes, laundry hamper, tennis raquet, art supply box, I think that's it...

  38. Who is the friend you have had the longest? my mom

  39. What did you do last night? Steve and i went to the glendale galleria (a mall) to go to the lego store and we also wen to the apple store. then i made dinner, and we unloaded the last boxes and i put my books on the bookshelf. Then I played a computer game...

  40. Favorite smell? too many: bread baking, cinnamin/cookies, gardenias, lavender, cumin, butter sauteeing with garlic, new carpet, a salon (that shampoo smell), citrus oils, pine forests, fresh laundry, so many others.....

  41. What inspires you? damn near everything

  42. What are you afraid of? cockroaches

Question of the Day: What that wasn't enough questions for you?


Fun in Pasadena

So, I officially love LA. Pasadena is fantastic. I live so close to everything that matters. It's a long but fairly easy walk to the natural foods store. There's a farmer's market right accross the street. Old Town/ Old Pasadena is right across the highway. The rent is low here because it's a poorer neighborhood on this side of the highway until you get further up the hill. But it's still nice because there are a lot of trees and you have to strain to hear the highway. You can't hear it at all if the windows and door are closed. I posted a picture of our living room. It's not much but it's kinda cool. You have to ignore the boxes by the bookshelf because I was going to wait until the carpet got shampooed to load the shelves, but I don't honestly think they're going to move anything to clean, so it's better to get the boxes off the floor than the leave the bookshelf moveable. So if you can ignore the boxes, then the living room is really kinda cool.

I love my orange chairs, and my movie reels on the walls. Those have got to be from the 30s or 40s. They were found in an old theater that got cleaned out and they were coated in this thick layer of dust. It was really disgusting, but after I took a hose to them and cleaned them up a bit, they're really nice. One is slightly bent, but other then that, they're gorgeous. And then there's my posters. I've got a bunch more in Fort Myers. They were in another tube that got shoved to the back of a shelf and forgotten, so they got left behind. But I've got a few up.

So I've been adding blogs. It's kinda sad really, when you think about it. Because I have nothing better to do right now. I'm looking for a job, cooking, cleaning, and writing blogs. I should have updated this one sooner, but there hasn't been a lot exciting going on, and yet I always think of exciting stuff going on when I'm nowhere near my computer.

Steve's friend Rob was over for several hours and I felt like a mother or something because I had made dinner the other night and Steve and he went out and played basketball while I went TV shopping online. The TV we got was something we inherited from previous tenants. It barely functions anymore. We can get one station, and that's not the station that the cable box is on, which is just sad (especially when cable is $80 a month--internet, too). So, we're stuck watching Beauty and the Geek every night, which I'm not a hug fan of, and even that doesn't come in well. I think once we get a new set, I'll see if I can perform surgery on this one. My mom owes me a TV because she stole mine before I moved. It was a nice set too. it was a flat screen CRT, about 27", probably HD capable (I don't remember), and had a DVD & VCR built in. But I figure my mom will give me around $300-350 for it, and Steve has a $50 Best buy Gift Certificate, and I've got a store credit for like $87. So I found this one which I like. It's wide screen, flat screen and HD ready. It's a CRT, which makes it less expensive than most. But it looks like something that will last through the digital/analog changeover. I've got a DVD/VCR so I don't have to worry about that (I just have to get my mom to send me the cables or buy new ones--I forgot them).

I have to do laundry tomorrow. It's not for lack of clothes, but just because I have to get into the habit of doing it. I'm not a big fan of doing laundry. I've already gotten Steve into the habit of doing dishes, which I love. I cook, he cleans up: it's fantastic. But I hate doing laundry, and I'm not letting him clean my underwear. Maybe if Steve was a Stephanie then I might be able to finegle that one and be semi-comfortable with it, but having a male roommate does have it's drawbacks. I'm just not comfortable with the idea of him handling my underwear.....

We went to the farmer's market today at Victory Park this morning. It was awesome. I got quite a few veggies and some fruit. I think I spent about $10. I got 1 yam and 2 onions, 3 apples, 3 pear-apples, 5 kiwis, a small purple cauliflower, a loaf of onion cheese bread, and a 1/4 lb. of sugar snap peas.

Question of the Day: Don't you just love farmer's markets?


Starting to go into Shock...

I just dropped my mom off at the airport and I think I just reallized that I'm finally out on my own. It's causing me to go into shock. It's really scary moving cross-country with no friends here and really knowing no-one. Well, that's not entirely true either. I know like 3 people, 5 actually. I know my roommate (duh) though I had never really met him before coming out here, and I had only talked to him on the phone. Ditto goes for Max, who's a friend of a friend. I'm going to lunch with Max tomorrow at Joan's on Third (I'll let you know how it is). Then I know someone else I've never actually met: Samira. I've only talked to her on the phone once. She's friends with my (now former) neighbor in Florida, Gabe. He says she's wonderful, and I haven't been able to naysay anything he's said yet (except for dating his son). Then I also know some of my dad's friends. One couple lives way out in Thousand Oaks (I think) which is in Ventura County (I think), and the other woman, Bobbi, lives down in Orange County somewhere. I have to call Bobbi sometime because I was supposed to stay with her for a week and do apartment hunting, but I didn't want to be stealing her car.

I went to the Farmer's market today. It was somewhat smaller than I expected, but I still got some incredible fruits and veggies there. I got a half flat (6 pints) of Strawberries for $11 and the pints were overflowing. The berries themselves were some of the best I have ever had in my entire life. I also got some really good looking celery and some zucchini. I thought about it after I got home and thought I should have gotten some of the raisins that one woman had. She had all sorts of dried fruits, and I didn't think about it, but I use raisins in my tuna salad, and I don't have any yet. I should also get and apple or two for the same purpose, but those are easy to find. Raisins (that aren't Sun-Maid) are hard to find.

I did start another blog in case anyone has checked on my profile page recently. It's a recipe blog. They're all recipes that I've used and tried, so I can gaurantee they work. My personal stamp of approval. I'll have to post my tuna salad recipe there. But the web address is: http://randomrecipe.blogspot.com/

We spent yesterday hanging art and posters. I had a bunch of old movie posters. Well, not old, but not recent. They're all from like 1999-2001. I've got Saving Private Ryan, Practical Magic, Double Jeopardy, An Ideal Husband. None of them except maybe Saving Private Ryan are anything to crow about, but they're big and colorful and keep the place from looking like a white box. Steve has one with Melissa Joan Hart on it in his room. We ran out before we got to my room, but I hung postcards and smaller stuff in my room. I want people to send me postcards. Contact me on myspace or via e-mail and if I know you, I'll give you my address, and you should send me a postcard. I'll send you one from LA. (What a deal!) I need more decorations. I've also got my poster from when the Dominion Post (in Wellington, New Zealand) turned into the Middle Earth Post for a Week for the opening of the first movie. I've also got a mountain lion and a promotional-size poster of the movie What Women Want. I'm going to put world maps on the fourth wall, but I haven't had time, and they're still in one of the boxes that hasn't been unpacked yet.

I think I like my roommate. He's really laidback, which might get annoying don the road because he's going to leave a lot o the decisions up to me. But for now, we're still just kind of getting to know each other. He's definitely neater than I am, but he doesn't have as much stuff. I was unpacking and I couldn't believe the amount of crap that I have!! And 80% is somehow necessary. I have a lot of clothes, and accessories. I have way more sweaters than I thought I did. I have purses and file cabinets. Paperwork to be gone through. Tools. Belts. Purses. Furniture! But my roommate came here with 2 suitcases, albeit rather large ones. I have memories attached to all of my stuff, so I couldn't just leave it all in Florida (although I'd have a bit more money now if I had). But he isn't moving here permanently. Steve is only here for an internship, for 7 months. But he's a nice guy. We should get along just fine, I think.

Driving to the airport was a bit of an adventure. I took Fair Oaks down to the 110, rather than the roundabout way Google told me to take. It took a little longer than predicted, but that's probably because I went through town. The way Google told me to take was the 210 to the 5 to the 2 to the 110 to the 105 to the airport. By taking Fair Oaks through town directly to the 110 it was a lot easier. Maybe not shorter time-wise, but definitely easier for someone who's new to the area. I need to study the maps more. Learn the Freeways and their associated numbers, where they intersect, etc. I still have to figure out how to get to Joan's tomorrow...

Question of the Day: What's the most lost you've ever been?



Ok, so I know that I said I'd put more up while I was in the car the following day, but I was really excited, and then I did more of the driving than I had thought I would. My mom had been doing most of the driving until then, but I made sure that I was the one who actually drove into California. The drive was really short on Saturday, or at least seemed that way. We got into Pasadena at like 3 PM, and because Steve said that we couldn't get in until after 4. So we went to the library and wandered around. Now most people wouldn't want to spend their spare time in a library, but the library here is very cool. It's all wood paneling and different floors, and a real library. It's so beautiful. But I found out how to get a library card (I either have to get a new driver's license or bring in a piece of mail with), and then since, I couldn't really do anything else there, my mom and I decided to sit outside the apartment in the car, with the trailer behind us reading our books, 'til Steve came, and signed the lease and got keys from the landlady.

At any rate, I'm completely distracted at this point and I want to talk about this, but I can't concentrate because there's a lot going on here. I really should be working on application letters, and the TV is on and I'm starting to get sleepy (I went to bed at 9pm last night.)

Question of the Day: What distracts you?


On the Road Part 2

The rest of the trip into Phoenix was mostly uneventful. We stopped at the Texas Summit Overlook rest area and I took a couple of pictures. The area on the south side of the stop looked like a certain part of the first film of the Lord of the Rings. I found that funny because I had made that association, where few other people would have. I do wish I had been there about an hour (maybe less) later, because then I could have gotten some really cool pictures of the sunset. The ones I had gotten the day before were really stunning as we headed into Fort Stockton.

Today, because we stayed in Phoenix again, my mom and I bummed around a bit. We started out sitting in the hotel room watching TV and reading until around 11, when we got really bored and went to Costco for gas and lunch. We decided to do the sample thing for food and look at the differences between their store and the store in Fort Myers. There’s a lot of differences, too: regional food, products that aren’t available in the other store, and the store here in Phoenix is flipped from what I’m used to. Where I’m used to going in on the left side, at this store you go in on the right. It’s a small difference, but when the store is set up the way Costco’s are (you have to enter and exit through specific doors and it’s difficult to get to the exit without going through the registers), this caused the entire store to be backwards from what I’m used to. Well, not really backwards, but switched right-to-left.

After Costco, we went next door to Costco Home. I had never seen a Costco Home (apparently because they’re only available in Arizona and Seattle), but it’s all furniture and other home d├ęcor stuff. It was all really nice, but I found this one table and chair set that I fell in love with. It had matching coffee tables, but I didn’t like it as well until I saw the dining set. It’s Acacia wood inset with copper. Almost a mission style, but really clean lines. I’ll have to see if I can find a picture of it when I get an internet connection later. (Note from later: it's not available online at Costco.) The chairs had a yellow/brown leather seat, and it was all amazing. I loved it.

While we were there I got a call from Fitz, my friend who lives here. He works at one of the radio stations, but I told him where we were and he suggested we go over to IKEA which apparently was around the corner. So we went over there, and that place was massive. If you’ve ever been inside an IKEA, then you know what I’m talking about. That place is like walking 10 laps around a football field. And it’s all filled with fairly nice stuff. I really liked certain lamps and the loft beds (if I can find a place with high ceilings). I also liked a couple of the chairs and couches. I’m really thinking I want a futon, but I didn’t really like any of their sleeper sofas. Their mattresses are rather nice though, I tested about 3 or 4 of them and they’re generally pretty comfortable.

I’m falling asleep at this point now, like some kind of crazy old lady. But I will finish this tomorrow in the car.


On the Road Part 1

This is somewhat annoying because I’m in the car writing this in Word, rather than online, the way I like to, but I suppose concessions must be made to the weary traveler. My mom is currently driving, and we were beginning to run out of things to talk about. I’m getting very fidgety being cooped up in this car for the past 4 days. Currently we are somewhere in New Mexico, trying not to be pushed off the road by a mild dust storm. We just went through a town called Lordsburg and got gas.

We’re hoping to get to Phoenix tonight, but apparently there’s a section of highway that gets closed frequently due to high winds. It’s somewhere around the Texas Canyon Summit, and the road leading up to it. There was a woman at a gas station/Indian trading post called Akela who warned us about it as she sold us cookies. Those cookies were awesome. I got a couple chocolate chip and my mom got one with pecans because apparently this area has a lot of pecan farms. Those cookies were gone really quickly. They weren’t bought from a mix. She had obviously made them herself, or someone there had.

Over the past day or two, my mom and I have been passed by some flatbed trucks bearing some odd items. The first one was so weird, our imaginations really got the better of us, and the second two, which were bearing the same things really caused those imaginations to run wild. At any rate I get ahead of myself a little. The first looked like some kind of upside-down robotic caterpillar. (Side note: We just hit Arizona!!) The second two looked almost like rocket ship parts. We were trying to figure out what they were, and by the time we had decided that they were parts to some kind of alien spacecraft headed for Roswell or maybe Area 51, they were too far away to get a picture of, plus another truck had gotten in between us and them. After that we saw various other parts to the mystery, including later last night we saw something I finally managed to get a picture of, some very tall pilons that are in all reality probably part of a bridge or a stop light, but after the other things we had seen, we just keep carrying on the joke. I had been taking pictures of the sunset as we were going into Fort Stockton (where we stayed last night), so I already had my camera out when these huge things came into view. Of course those are the stabilizers for the spaceship to hold it up so it can be examined. Then there were other parts, like gravity generators and air purifiers, and sleeping quarters and other pieces of alien ware. Of course transporting it all out in the open like that keeps people from being suspicious, because if the government had been covert, then the conspiracy theorists would have been all over it, but this way it all looks perfectly normal, especially since it was all done by different carriers… (We had a lot of fun with that.)

So right now we are getting passed by lots of truck as we have been for the last several days. Because we’ve been pulling the trailer, the car weighs a lot more than it normally does. So we’ve only been going about 55 miles per hour in the morning until the car warms up, and then later in the afternoons and evening, depending on the conditions, we can sometimes get it up to 60 or 65, but it all depends. Like a bit earlier, when we were still in NM we had a really strong headwind and were pushing to keep it at 53. Now that the wind had calmed down quite a bit (though not completely) we’re up to about 57. And this morning we were up to about 65. It’s really frustrating getting passed by tractor-trailer rigs and semis. Even RVs are passing us. But this is a relatively small car pulling just under it’s maximum towing capacity. It’s not really capable of going any faster so in the rare occasion that the highway falls down to one lane each direction due to road construction of what-have-you, I sincerely apologize to the people who get stuck behind us.

There was a trucker yesterday at a rest stop somewhere this side of Houston who told us they really don’t mind passing us. They see so many people going way too fast with trailers on SUVs who can’t handle them. They pass the big rigs and then 10 miles down the road they’ve fishtailed or rolled the trailer or boat or whatever. They would rather have to go around us and see us safe than have go around an accident. That guy also had one of the world’s cutest puppies. It was a tiny Chihuahua, only 4 months old, and loved to be petted and played with. I squatted down, and petted it for a while, and even all the way up on it’s hind legs, she could barely reach the top of my knee. I decided I want one, but I can’t afford one, and probably don’t have time for a pet for a while. Plus, I’m not really sure what my roommate would say if I just suddenly showed up with a dog I had failed to mention. Oops…

Steve might actually be in California by now. I should call him later, but my cell phone is losing battery charge. My mom and I have the same model of cell phone, so we only brought one charger. She used it last night, I’ll probably use it tonight. The thing is I used her phone a lot today because I was expecting a couple phone calls. So we might have to actually charge both phones. We can’t get into the apartment tomorrow night, so we’re staying in Phoenix for two nights. What we’re going to do is get in there tonight and stay tomorrow. And then drive out to California on Saturday. Once we get to Phoenix, there’s only about 9 hours of driving left, which is a relief. There was something like 12 hours or more today. It’s funny: we were so worried about the estimates about the drive times I had found on Google, and they turned out to be exactly right. I thought the online estimates were based on speed limits and other things, but I guess they include recommended stops and potential traffic and other things that other people include when they drive. We just added those things on when calculating. We added an hour for lunch and it came out perfectly. It was really amazing. I thoroughly love Google. (Of course I had told my dad to buy the IPO and he didn’t. If he had, we wouldn’t be having the monetary problems we are.)

I love getting passed by houses. There have been a lot of portable housing going by on oversized load trucks. There was one that we were passed by in an odd way earlier. It was not just oversized, but extra-oversized. It probably took up two lanes easily, but it was in the right lane coming up behind us and hanging over the right hand shoulder by several feet. So rather than making him go around us and change lanes. We got into the left lane and let him pass us on the right, and then got into the right lane. It didn’t make the people in the lane behind us very happy, but it worked, and it kept the really big scary house from accidentally forcing us off the road.

A lot of the houses the first few days were going to the Hurricane areas still. It was strange because I thought they’d have had enough FEMA housing in Louisiana by now, but there were still trucks marked FEMA pulling temporary housing though the different areas. (OH OH!! I just saw more spaceship parts!! These were parts of a moonsuit or spacesuit or something.) But the devastation that you can see, just from I-10 was crazy. You couldn’t always see a lot, but the Blue roofs started in Florida and didn’t end until well into Texas. We were still seeing blue roofs after Houston.

At any rate, my computer just warned me that I have no battery left, so that’s all for the moment. More later!!!


Last Post (Probably) for a few Days

So, this will probably be my last post until I get out to California. We start driving in less than 12 hours so as soon as I finish typing, I"m going to go shower and climb into bed, even if I have to take a few Tylenol PM in order to do it.

So, last night was great, I went to the Ale House with my parents for dinner to do the good-bye thing. It took an hour just to get a table because it's a sports bar, and we forgot about the Play-offs. My dad really shouldn't have forgotten, because he loves football, but we forgot, and the place was packed. It didn't help that it was Saturday. At any rate, it was fun.

Eventually people showed up after my parents left (although Stephanie came during dinner and ate with us). Tolga came and some people I didn't know really before. I was disappointed that other people didn't show, but Laura is having gallbladder problems not dissimilar from what I was having last April, so I had stopped by there to see her. Riku had already said he couldn't come, and so did Vanessa. Vanessa I saw for dinner on Friday. Riku was supposed to come help me move stuff today, but he decided to go buy a car instead. Other people, I don't know what happened. Maybe they either forgot about me, or just don't check their voicemail/e-mail/myspace mail ever. Which is really annoying.

So, I had to go pick Tolga up today because his car is a piece of crap and probably wouldn't make it to my house even though it's really close. But I needed the help and we got this done so much faster than if he hadn't helped. He's such a show-off though. We were putting the hanging stuff from my closet into the back of the car and he carried it all in two trips. And it's not like it's only a little bit. Granted I did put quite a bit in boxes as packing material, but I had a ton of stuff still on hangers, and it takes up 2/3 of the backseat. Plus when we were loading up the trailer, he was just carrying around the bookshelf like it was nothing. Never mind that it's 7 feet tall....

What was really funny though was while we were on the way back to his place, because I had to take him home, I was annoyed at the car in front of me, so I said, "Turn right, you know you want to." And of course the person slows down and nearly comes to a stop in the right lane (not the turn lane).

Tolga says, "I don't think they heard you."

So I respond, "No, They're just lost, he doesn't know where he's going." At this point the SUV in front of us, rather than fully stopping at the light pulls off to the right to turn onto Cypress Lake Drive. Tolga turns and stares at me and asks if I have any other recommendations. I just said, "See? I told you he didn't know where he was going..."

Question of the Day: Will you miss me when I'm gone?


Closer and Closer

So as the drive date gets closer and closer I get more and more frantic. I know this has been a running theme for the last, oh, 10 entries, but I really can't think of anything else to write about right now. It's what's going on in my life and taking up all of my time.

At any rate, I spent all day yesterday running errands, and have more to do today. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning. I closed my local bank account. I stopped at Costco to get gas and calculate the gas mileage we got on Tuesday when we went over to Westin. We got 25 mpg which was much better than I thought we'd get so I'm hoping we'll get around 18-19 mpg with the trailer on the highway. If we can get that, I won't spend much more on gas than I had originally planned. Then I stopped by where CD Warehouse used to be, but it's now closed, so I couldn't sell my CDs there. I then went over to Discount Auto Parts and tried to get refills for my wiper blades, but they didn't fit, so I had to buy all new ones. It wasn't really expensive, but more annoying. The big thing was that I'm trying to save every dime. The refills were only $5 for a pair and the entire blade was $7 each. I was also supposed to have lunch with one of the Steves I know (I think there are 6 of them if you include the Stephanie's), but I've never actually met him and we didn't realize that he's in Naples and I'm in Fort Myers. So, we skipped it yesterday and he's going to come up for Saturday night. So I went home for lunch and figured out where I could sell my CDs. I had books that I didn't want, so I took those over to the library for Donation. I stopped at AAA for maps and a Triptik from here to Pasadena. I also got different World Maps to decorate with. Then I went to Spec's to sell my CDs. They only took about 1/4 of them, but I still made $119. Then I went to Publix and got some groceries because my parents both had doctor's appointments, so I was in charge of dinner. I made my award winning Tortellini Soup. I'll post that recipe later...

Question of the Day: What's driving you crazy right now?



I'm feeling very blah right now. I'm just waiting for my computer to download the new updates and then I have to do the dishes and go to bed. I'm very sleepy. But there are 4 updates: An iPod update that I don't need but I download because otherwise it'll bug me about it until kingdom come, an iTunes update, a Quicktime update (they're the same now though), and an OS X update. I have to restart the computer for two of them otherwise I wouldn't care and just put it down on the table. But since I have shut this thing down and all of that, I'll wait until it's finished.

Apple came out with new computers yesterday. It kind of amuses me. The first one is the new iMac which is essentially the same as the current one in looks and whatnot. It's still a screen on a stick and all of that, which makes me very happy. The thing about these new computers is that they've got Intel chips in them. I found it amusing because on Apple's homepage they had a slogan I guess that said, "What's an Intel Chip doing in a Mac? A whole lot more than it's ever done in a PC." I saw that and it made me very happy. The other new computer they've got is the MacBook, which is essentially the long awaited version of the G5 Powerbook which IBM could never produce the chips for. That was the major reason Apple switched to Intel: IBM (who was making the chips previously) wasn't producing a G5 chip for a laptop in the timeframe that Apple had specified. They were supposed to come out with a G5 laptop like a year ago and it never happened. So, Intel got Apple's business. Now, instead of a PowerBook, we've got a MacBook (which is a silly name, but I suppose it works, gotta talk to those kooks in marketing). Plus iLife '06 just came out and there's some cool looking features in that, but I haven't looked at that too closely because I got distracted by the fact that Angelina Jolie announced she's pregnant.

Question of the Day: What's your opinion on the Apple/Intel/IBM situation?

Moving Hassles

So, I am even more officially losing my mind. I have to get a trailer hitch put onto my Oldsmobile, which to me is a silly premise, but necessary to pull the trailer. They can't do a temporary one, I guess that's just not an option. It's going to cost $240 to get the damn thing installed just to drag a $191 trailer for 10 days!!! I don't know about you, but that seems just a bit crazy to me. Plus, I doubt I'll ever use it again.

My mom and I spent yesterday driving to and from Westin for her doctor's appointment and some shopping. She's fine, the mass in her brain apparently hasn't really changed. They want her to run some more tests (see a neuropthamologist, get a field of vision test, see an endocrinologist and one or two other things) and then see her in a few weeks. But she's fine to drive with me, which is a very good thing, because I don't know who I'd ask now, everyone I know who I'd want to go with me either works, or is in another state. There's one or two others, but I'm not sure I'd be comfortable sharing hotel rooms.....

At any rate, the shopping part of yesterday went marginally well. I hate shoes as much as ever (that was half the reason I went shopping yesterday). But I did find some cute clothes. I bought 2 pairs of black pants because the only pairs I had before were either too big, too short, or washed out (or some combination). So, I got 2 pants and a pair of black short pants. I'd call them capris, but they're not tight all the way down, they're just pants that are really short, cropped. They're very cute. I also got a light purple heather cardigan sweater. It's not lilac or a pastel, but just like a light heather color that's purple. Then I got a winter white cropped length trench coat. It comes down to just below my hips and it's awesome. I completely love it. Plus it was only $40. So I had to have it. I got one pair of shoes and everything only cost $140. The shoes are not really what I was looking for, they're wood and black leather. They're very trendy, and won't last long as far as styles go, but they were really cheap, and I wanted some cute shoes that actually fit me for a change....

Question of the Day: What's your biggest shopping hassle?


Dammit, I Want Comments!!

OK, so I think the entire time I've been doing this blog, I've gotten one comment from a weird guy who commented on the Keys to my Heart entry. There's a reason I ask those questions at the bottom of each entry! It's not for my benefit! It's not for my own health! It's because I want freakin' comments!! Ok, ok, I know I'm a little crazy, and the questions are a little off the wall sometimes (like the first one), but they're usually about something semi-relevant (ok, at least sometimes, like today). And even if you don't have an answer to the question, then you can always just comment on the entry, just post an opinion about something that popped into you head while reading my random ramblings.

So comment already!!

Question of the Day: Why haven't you commented yet? What's your excuse?

Getting really nervous....

So I'm officially freaking out now. I woke up this morning and started thinking about it, and I have barely more than a week left in Florida. I'll be leaving here one week from tomorrow! Tomorrow, the whole family is going over to Westin because my mom's got a doctor's appointment on Tuesday to see if she'll be able to go with me. She passed out in October while up in Pennsylvania, and they found a mass in her brain. This past Thursday she had another MRI to see if it was growing. If it is, then she'll have to have surgery to have it removed, but it's right near the optic nerve and the pituitary gland, so it's not an easy surgery, otherwise they might have done it already.

So, Tuesday we find out if Mom can go with me, then I have several more days to pack and whatnot. Friday night is poker night at Steph's place down on Marco Island. Then Saturday, I'm thinking I'm going to throw some kind of going away get-together for all of my friends. I don't want it at my house, because of my parents, and how late it'll go and all that. But I'm thinking some place like the Ale House or maybe Dwyer's. Probably the Ale House is better because it's more central for the Fort Myers crew, it's a little easier to get to from the highway, and it'll calm down later in the evening. Plus, they actually serve my favorite beer there....

Hmmm, well, I should think about getting back to packing, before I stress myself out even more.....

Question of the Day: What is stressing you out right now?


So I got bored....

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Question of the Day: What are some of your results?

More cool stuff...

So I've been doing some research about the place where I'm going to be living, and while Pasadena is kinda way out there from where I want to be, it will work for the seven month that I'll be there. At any rate, I've been looking up where certain things are in the area, and the nearest Safeway is about an 8 block walk. (I'm going to be living on N. Euclid.) And the Pasadena library is literally a three block walk.

But the library itself is seriously cool. They've got downloadable books that disappear after two weeks, and a very up-to-date collection of DVDs. I was looking at their online card catalog, and wishing I had a library card already because then I could put books and movies on hold for after I get there. I'll have to sign up for a card the day I get there or the next day. It's really high on the list after a shower and getting the bed made....

Every time I think of all the things I have to do before we leave, and right after I get there, I start getting nervous. I just have to remember to take things one step at a time, and when I think of something new, I have to write it down on my list. *Just breathe*

Question of the Day: What else do I have to remember to do?



Ok, so I am officially completely excited. I found an apartment!!! I am so excited it's not even funny. The first night after I e-mailed Steve (my new roommate) I slept 3 hours less than I usually do. So, but the apartment is on Euclid in Pasadena. It's further away from the area I want to work than I'd like, but I figure it'll work for short term.

I've had so much going on in the past few days. One of my neighbors gave me a bunch of stuff they had cleaned off their boat (read: yacht) and didn't want any more. I got a ton of stuff. I got:
  • 4 martini glasses

  • 11 lowball glasses

  • 5 pilsner glasses

  • 2 white wine glasses

  • a brand new calphalon grill pan

  • a duvet cover and dust ruffle

  • purple towels and bathmats

  • a whole set of dishes, service for 8

  • a cassarole dish with lid

  • a colander (a really nice one with extendable arms that's oblong to begin with)

  • a weird marble trivet thing that can be heated

  • 6 little silver dishes that are about soy sauce size at a sushi place

  • an ice bucket with lid

  • pumpkin shaped cake pan (2 bundt-like cake things that get put together to make a pumpkin)

  • a 13x9 inch glass cake pan

  • a coffee carafe

  • 3 glass candle holder (i broke one already, but it's reparable)

  • a mixing bowl

  • napkins and placemats

  • a wine butler

  • a vacuum

  • a very retro hanging plant holder (which i'll probably line with rice paper or something and turn into a light)

I'm pretty sure that's it, but I may be missing something.....

Question of the Day: When was the last time you moved?



So, I was working on my profile on myspace and for some reason the stupid server is down now, and I can't post this. So I figured, I'd let whoever might possibly be reading this look at the movie I like. This isn't by all means all of them, but just some of the ones I've given a 9 or a 10 on IMDb....

Adam's Rib


American Beauty

As Good as it Gets

The Aviator


Batman Begins

The Bells of Saint Mary's

Best in Show

The Big Lebowski

The Birdcage

The Boondock Saints

Breakfast at Tiffany's


Catch Me if You Can


Cinderella Man

City of God


Cold Mountain

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Dead Poet's Society



Down with Love

The Emperor's New Groove

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Father Goose

The Fifth Element

Finding Nemo

Finding Neverland

Galaxy Quest

Garden State

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes



Going My Way

The Goonies


Harry Potter... (they're all the same, but I do like them)

His Girl Friday

How to Marry a Millionaire

Ice Age

The Ice Harvest (officially my favorite Christmas movie)

An Ideal Husband


It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

The Italian Job

King Kong

The Lady Eve

LA Confidential

Laws of Attraction

The Life Acquatic with Steve Zissou

Lilo & Stitch

Lord of the Rings (the first one is my favorite of the three, but it's really all one movie)

The Love Bug (not the Lindsey Lohan version, the original one)


The Magnificaent Seven

The Mark of Zorro (the 1940 version)


Monsters, Inc.

Moulin Rouge (I cry every time)

Mr. & Mr. Smith

Much Ado About Nothing

The Mummy & The Mummy Returns

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Fair Lady

My Man Godfrey

Mystery Men

The Notebook

Notting Hill

The Pelican Brief

Pillow Talk

Pretty Woman (I'm female, gimme a break)

The Princess Bride

The Rainmaker


Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Rocky Horror Picture Show (Dammit Janet!)

The Saint




Shrek 1 & 2


Sin City

Some Like it Hot

The Spanish Prisoner

State & Main

The Station Agent

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Tin Cup

To Catch a Thief

The Untouchables

The Usual Suspects

Walk the Line

When Harry Met Sally

X-Men 1 & 2 (2 was much better though)

There are, of course, others that I like, but that's a list of ones I love....

Question of the Day: What movies do you love?



So I find this incredibly amusing. There's another storm out there. I never heard of any of the intermediate ones, the last one I heard about was Gamma, but apparently this one is Zeta. Which amuses me to no end, especially since it's a storm, not just a depression. And since it's named Zeta, that means that there has to have been two other that I missed since the beginning of December, Delta and Epsilon. This is all sorts of crazy. It's all caused by Global Warming, but I find the arrogance of man amusing when people think that humans cause Global Warming. What people don't seem to realize is that the Earth has been on a warming trend since the last ICE AGE!!!!! Ok, I think I'm done ranting. :-p

Question of the Day: Have you ever been through a hurricane, tornado or other weather-related disaster?


So I'm trying to figure out the logistics of driving out to Los Angles (and I'm still not exactly sure WHEN I'm going because I still don't have an apartment to go to). What I figure is the day I leave I'll drive from here (Fort Myers) to Mobile, Alabama. The only reason for that is that I'm going to want to be officially out of Florida on that first day. Other than that, there's no real reason. Google marks that as 13 hours, but they probably drive the speed limit (which I don't), though I know they don't account for stops like potty breaks or meals. So, that's probably about right.

Day two, I'll drive from there to Houston. That'll be about 10 hours of driving including rest stops I figure. My dad's got a friend there and I might be able to crash on their couch for the night.

Day three, I'll go to El Paso. Google says that's 14 hours, so I may break that up a bit or go to Austin the day before instead of staying over in Houston, but that's a decision I'll make on the road to see how tired I am.

Day four, I'll scoot over to Phoenix. I've got a friend who lives there who if I ask nicely may let me sleep on his couch, but I'll have to ask him first. I haven't talked to him in a while. He used to live here in Fort Myers, but then got a better job out there.

Last day, I'll drive to Beverly Hills, or wherever I finally find an apartment. I don't know where I'm going to be living yet, so I don't know when I'm leaving. This is really very frustrating. The whole trip is supposed to take around 50 hours, which is a hell of a lot of driving, but I think I can do it in five days. I could probably do it in less if I had better stops along the way, or more friends.....

Question of the Day: What's the longest drive you've taken in a single day?


Happy New Year!!

So, I love this. This is completely fantastic. For the Fourth year in a row, I have been sick for New Years' Eve and all the countdowns and festivities. This totally sucks!! The first year I had my wisdom teeth removed on the 30th, and was still hungover from painkillers, so I spent the day/evening watching the first of the Lord of the Rings movies and the requisite special features. I looked like a chipmunk with my cheeks swollen (although I did a great Marlon Brando impression during that time). The second year I had the flu, so I stayed home and watched the second of the Lord of the Rings movies and its special features. (I'm talking the Extended Editions, not the theatrical things.) Last year, after Hurricane Charley, we had insulation replaced and my mother and I both had reactions to it. She went out to dinner, but was home by midnight, but I just stayed home and (sensing the pattern yet?) watched the last of the Lord of the Rings movies and its special features. This year, I caught a cold from one of our house guests that were here for Christmas (at least that's where I assume I caught it, and it could be the flu, but I refuse to believe that because then I would have to admit that I should have gotten a flu shot). So, since there weren't and new Lord of the Rings movies, and King Kong is still in the theater, I stayed home watched TV and read a trashy romance novel. It was seriously fun..... and if you believe that I've got some beach-front property in North Dakota you'd love...

Question of the Day: What did you do for New Years'?