Lots going on!

OK. So, I've once again been back to the grindstone. Working 2 jobs is driving me nuts. Luckily we finally got our new manager at Starbucks and he's really cool. His name is Alex, and he told me he'd give me full time. So now I have to either quit, or cut Costco down to one day a week. I haven't quite gotten the guts up to do this, but I will. It's just been so crazy there over the past few days.

Tomorrow is New Years' Eve. I do have to work tomorrow, but only until 7pm, but being that we close at 5, like we did on Christmas Eve, I'll probably be able to get out of there by 6, which will be very cool. Kyle, one of the guys who live next door is home too. I thought they'd both be gone until after they New Year, and so now I have someone to spend the evening with. I'm not sure what we're doing, but we are going out-ish. We probably won't leave Culver City, (I really don't want to drive), but this way, I don't have to spend the evening alone.

I finally got the bank account for The Random Oasis. So in about a week I should be getting the debit card, and in another week after that, I should get checks. I finally have everything done to actually start this business. I even found a fabulous supplier for beads and findings and such. I just need to find time to actually make everything.

Christmas was good. I flew up to San Francisco, as planned. I was completely exhausted. After working the whole day, and then of course running like crazy to try to get to the airport on time, and catching the bus to work int he first place. And then once I get to Kim's house, I sleep on the couch because there's 8 people there at this point, in a house with 4 bedrooms. Kim and his wife, Yolanda, gave up their bedroom to my parents, which was really, really nice of them (my dad does not have the best health). Yolanda's sister, Nora, bunked with Yolanda's son, Stephen (Kim's new step-son), who I think is about 13 (?). Then Kim & Yolanda have a guy who rents out a room in their basement. So it was either sleep with him, or pick one of the couches. And while he was really cute, I didn't really want to do that. Not really my style.

Christmas Day itself was lots of fun. It started off with me waking up obscenely early, at 7am, because I'm still a little kid at heart, and because the couch I was on was narrower than my hips are. So I grabbed my computer and went out on their deck to watch the sunrise. I was going to blog, but my fingers got seriously cold after about 5 minutes, so I decided against it. I went back downstairs, and figured out the hard way that socks and hardwood don't mix (I now have bruises on my low back, but I don't think they ever, or are going to, change color). After plugging my computer in so I could use it later, I went back upstairs to rummage for some food, and my mom poked her head out, and we sat at the breakfast table and chatted for a while until Stephen and other slowly emerged. We then did the present thing, and I was in awe at how many gifts that Stephen got. They spoil that kid a lot. He got about 20 different gifts. I thought the coolest was the Game of Life, but I think he liked this helicopter thing better. But that's because I only wanted to play 2 games with him. I didn't want to go again, I did go up there to see my parents. I got money (my favorite gift), and a couple of cool doodads. My dad got me a digital pocket voice recorder, which I have to get batteries for, and mom grabbed a USB memory card adapter for my camera. I can't find the cable that goes to my camera, and since I need pictures for the website, she went to try and buy me a replacement,but not knowing what kind of camera it is even that was kinda hard. But the chick at Radio Shack or where ever suggested thing thingie, and it's really cool. I just hope I don't lose this, too!

After gifts, we did the church thing. I went because I figured it would be a good gift for my dad, but I don't think I'll go again. Church does not do anything for me. I feel almost cold and empty in those places, and I'm not even going to start talking about why. Maybe in another future blog. Not here. At any rate, they thought that mass started at 11, when it really started at 11:30, so we were almost 45 minutes early for mass, rather than just being 10 or 15 minutes early. After mass, we did breakfast for lunch, and then did our separate things for a few hours, and then did dinner. There was a ham and I made the sweet potato pudding thing that I love, and the marshmallows on top kind of exploded a little, but they were very yummy. And we had peas. And then we ate so much that we saved the pie for a few hours later after driving over to see some lights on a nearby street. The way people go all out with lights and decorations and everything kinda sickens me. It's ostentatious, and there's very little point in it. It all started way back when each one of the decorations was a symbol for Christ in some way. The holly, the boughs of wintergreen. The bows. The Stars, all that meant something to do with the religious aspects of the season. Now, it's decorating for the sake of decorating, and to hell with the cost of energy. "Let's put up ten thousand lights, and see if we can shut down the power grid." "Let's get a U-haul and bring in a truckload of snow for the kids to play in. Every day!"

Don't mind me. I think Being in California has made me crunchy-granola-y. And I like it!

Question of the Day: How was your Christmas?


Pride & Prejudice

I love this movie. It is such a chick flick, but it's so well made, and the things they cut out of the book are well chosen. I would say. In the book, Bingley has 2 sisters, in this version of the movie, he has only one. They remove a lot of the interaction between Elizabeth and Wickham, which is only minorly disappointing. They rearrange a few things the speed up the flow of time, but beyond that, there really isn't much difference. I really love it. Keira Knightly was madeto play this role. She is so perfect, although, she is almost too pretty. The girl who plays Jane is supposed to be the great beauty of the town, and Keira almost outshines her, except for the blond hair. And Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Darcy, is fantastic. He's really rather sexy in the old garb of that time period, and he's very hard, but becomes soft, and you totally fall in love with him.

Hey, I said it was a chick flick!


The I Inside

This is a very odd movie. It's somewhat hard to keep track of as he goes back and forth in time between what is supposedly the present, and two years prior. There are a lot of things going on in this, all slightly to the sides of one character. His wife has issues, then there's his girlfriend/lover person (I'm not sure how to describe her, as to tell you her real relationship, would give away part of the movie), there's his own delusions as he slowly figures out what is going on. How he can supposedly fix everything, and at the end, how he figured out that there is no fixing it. The end is really great. Because it kind of twists reality enough and makes you look at morality in a new way, when you have to make a choice. It's really an intelligent movie. I think it's based on a play, but I don't see how some of those things could be done on a stage. I know it was probably heavily adapted, but still, there's a lot going on, not in major effects, but more in the way it's cut and edited together.

A really intelligent semi-sci-fi movie, with a hint of morality.


Chicken Soup

but not for the soul....

I am sick still/ again. And it really sucks. I mean, I know I haven't been taking the best care of myself, but seriously folks. This is getting ridiculous. I am officially taking 5 different medications, all over-the-counter. I am taking a generic Robitussin DM. I'm doing the Airborne thing, along with the Zicam mouth spray stuff, and asprin during the day and Tylenol PM at night. Then I've also actually started taking my chewable horse-sized vitamin pills because I figure it can't hurt. And I'm chugging OJ and chicken soup. I'm making that the lazy way though. I had a yummy version of curried chicken noodle soup. I put the recipe below. I've called in sick at Costco 3 shifts in a row now, and I had someone replace me at Starbucks this morning. I was really glad I managed to get someone else in for that because there was no way I could have worked at 4am today.

That recipe that I mentioned is super-easy. I took a box of curry rice noodle stir fry stuff, I think the brand is Thai Kitchen or something like that, and I pretty much ignored the directions. I started with half a box of chicken stock and brought that to a boil, then added some frozen pre-cooked chicken breast slices. When the broth came back to a boil, I threw in the noodles from the box and let those cook a little bit. On the box it says they're supposed to cook for three minutes, then you stir-fry them with your other stuff, but since I wasn't stir-frying anything, I cooked them a bit longer. I think you have to taste with rice noodles. They don't soften as quickly as other noodles, but they can look like they have. At any rate, I added the sauce packet from the box a little before the noodles were cooked, and noticed that the chicken broth was boiling off a bit more than I wanted, so i added some water. That was probably a good idea anyway because the chicken broth had a lot of flavor, and then you're adding more with the packet of sauce. Once I figured the noodles to be cooked, I threw in some frozen peas as a way of getting some green and let it simmer for about 30 seconds more, and then dumped the whole thing into a big bowl and attempted to eat it all. I didn't succeed, because that's really a lot of food, but it was worth the effort. I did watch Pride & Prejudice while eating though, and I do love that movie.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite 'sick' meal?


If it's not one thing....

I think I am officially suffering from exhaustion. I went home early from Costco on Saturday because I wasn't feeling good, and that doesn't even begin to describe how bad I was. I felt like I was about to pass out. I went home only 2 hours before the end of my scheduled shift, and I slept for 14 hours that night. I was a little crazed. I called in Sick on Sunday. I wasn't going to originally but I went to have a bowl of cereal and had to open a new box, and could barely open it. And since I have to lift heavy things all day, I figured it was a bad idea to push my body that much further. So I sat home and did absolutely nothing. I really should have done laundry yesterday though, because then I could have finished it yesterday when I realized that I really didn't have enough quarters, instead of running over to the laundromat today, which is what I have to go do now, rather than sitting here typing. Plus, someone is using the other washer & dryer, so I only have one machine at my disposal. Which of course means that doing my laundry is going to take me 4 times as long today as it normally does because I only have one machine and I have twice as much laundry (going almost 3 weeks will do that).

I think I've made the official decision that I am going to cut back my hours at Costco even further after the New Year. I'm either going to just work weekends, or I'll quit there entirely. It's a good paycheck, especially at time-and-a-half on Sundays (one of the reasons I really hated calling in sick yesterday). That will give me loads of time to work on jewelry, etc for the Biz during the week around Starbucks, and then on the weekends, I can work at Costco.

I'm glad I have a ride to the airport for Christmas. I really didn't want to take the bus. My parents and I are meeting in San Francisco at Kim's house. Kim is my dad's little Brother through Big Brothers/ Big Sisters. They've been together since Kim was like 10 or 11, and he's something like 46 or 47 now. My dad taught him bad eating habits and bad jokes. But Kim is married now and lives up there with his wife and step-son who are both from Costa Rica. And since they came to our house in Florida last Christmas (as I'm typing this, it's occurring to me that I may have talked about some of this last year), and their house is closer for me now that I live in LA, we're all going to SFO this year.

Time to change Laundry Loads!

Question of the Day: What are your Christmas Plans?


Die Hard: With a Vengance

Of the 3 Die Hard movies (so far), I think this one is my favorite. I've seen it the most, because it's been on TV the most, but it's also the fastest paced of the 3. Plus, McLane has a sidekick of sorts in Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson) who just kicks so much butt. It's freakin' cool. Plus, Zeas matches McLane quip for quip, they're a great pair in terms of on-screen pairings. Bruce Willis tears it up in this one, you think all is lost and then he just pulls it through. I love Jeremy Irons, too. He doesn't do any mainstream work, and when he does, he somehow gets roped into really awful movies (did anyone see Dungeons & Dragons?), but in this he was perfect. He was cruel, and conniving, and very megalomaniacal.

It's fast-paced and vengeful, and all about the explosions.

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

I really like this movie. I never got a couple of the references until I saw the first Die Hard, because this one refers back in a lot of instances. In this one, John McLane took the kids to his in-laws place in DC and has come back to the airport to pick his wife up from the airport. While he is there, of course on Christmas, terrorists shut down the air-traffic controls in order to land a plane carrying some imprisoned politico. So basically McLane is crawling around the DC airport getting himself into all kinds of trouble, getting into fights with the head of the airport police. Taking finger prints of dead guys and arguing slightly with a coroner (who I swear is Peter Stormare, the Russian Astronaut in Armageddon). It's a good film. Not as good as the first one, or the third one for that matter, but very good all the same. I love the parts with the wife and the reporter on the airplane. Those were references that didn't make sense until I saw the first one.

Planes crash, people get shot, and John McLane saves the day. Again.

Die Hard

So up until this point I had never actually seen the first of these movies. I'd seen the second and third ones repeatedly, but I had never actually seen the first one. But being that I love Bruce Willis, of course I love this movie. I was talking with a few people about why this movie is so great, why it's the first of the great action movies, and the reason we came up with was that it's because Bruce Willis is really an everyman. It's one of those random situations that you can see anyone getting into. He just happens to be a cop, and the fact that he's barefoot throughout the entire thing. The basic jist of the movie, if you haven't seen it is that John McLane is just arriving in LA to visit his wife for Christmas. He's working on a transfer from New York, after she got this fabulous job in Los Angeles. But when he goes to her work building, the office Christmas party she is at is taken hostage. He was in the bathroom andso manages to escape and start wrecking havoc on the terrorist guys. All-in-all, a very fun movie.

Yippee-ki-yay, Motherf*cker!



I am even more excited because I officially have my website up and I am so Happy I can barely type!!! That and I had a bit of caffeine this morning, so that probably doesn't help either. The website, as I am sure you are all dying to head over and buy stuff from me is: Random Oasis.com. And I built it all by myself using Rapid Weaver (meaning I didn't have to do any real coding work). I'm not live for purchases until after the first of the year because that's when my business license actually starts, besides which I don't actually have any inventory. I have to start taking pictures of the few things I do have!!


Question of the Day: Well, why are you still here? Go to my website!!


I'm So Excited! And I just can't Hide It!!

And I know, I know, I know you want to, start singing with me. Oh, yeah!

Or, maybe not...

But anyway, I am really excited. I now officially have my business license. I have the domain name registered, and several e-mail address all set up to reflect into one Gmail account. I am working on building the website, although it's mostly done. Now that I have my seller's permit, I can start buying beads and clothes and stuff to start accumulating inventory. I am still waiting on the FBN, the Fictional Business Name thing to come back to me, so I still don't have the bank account, but I will soon. I've only spent a little more than $300 so far, unless you include the money I spent on beads way back when, before I decided to keep track of what I was spending on beads. There was one charge for $70-something that I can add to that, so including the business license, I've spent almost $400. I still have to buy all my dyes and brushes. I can buy them online directly from Rit, but they have a 4-6 week processing time, and I need this stuff now! So obviously that doesn't work. In the long run, depending on what I need and where I can find the different colors, buying direct might not be a bad idea, even with the processing time. But now, I have to turn on some music, and work on some beading because I finally got the stuff I left in Argentina back. It's inventory time!

Question of the Day: Will you buy from me? (You know you want to!)


Conversation with an Online Devil

This is the transcript from a chat with my friend Jim who lives in the DC area. I was too lazy to actually write a real entry.

7:50:21 PM Jim: hi Sleepy

7:50:27 PM Me: hey

7:50:39 PM Jim: how are you holding up?

7:51:49 PM Me: i was ok until today because i tried to actually get something done

7:52:15 PM Me: i tried to get my business license

7:52:18 PM Jim: aww....

7:52:25 PM Me: but i need a sellers permit first

7:52:40 PM Jim: I've been starting to infiltrate your blog

7:52:54 PM Me: but to get my seller's permit, i needed some information on my landlord that i didn't have on me

7:52:54 PM Jim: what is it that this business consists of?

7:53:14 PM Jim: sounds liek someone has had a bit of my "special" luck ;)

7:53:58 PM Me: and i had to put my personal bank account on it, so i thought i'd go open up a business one, but i have to file for a fictitious name thing first

7:54:13 PM Me: so i went to 3 places and got nil

7:55:21 PM Jim: lol

7:55:27 PM Jim: fictitious name thing?

7:55:34 PM Jim: you mean registering your company name?

7:55:39 PM Me: yeah

7:55:42 PM Jim: lol

7:55:48 PM Jim: well that isn't fictitious

7:55:58 PM Me: yeah, but that's what they call it

7:55:59 PM Jim: you have to come up with the name of your company

7:56:03 PM Me: i already have

7:56:12 PM Jim: they call it fictitious?

7:56:34 PM Jim: ....see I never had to deal with the paperwork personally

7:56:38 PM Jim: so....oh well

7:57:00 PM Me: but they call it a fictitious name thing until it's official, then it's a DBA because i'm a sole proprietorship or something

7:57:10 PM Jim: ah

7:57:12 PM Jim: okay

7:57:22 PM Me: plus if I want to be incorporated, or an LLC, i have to talk to a lawyer....

7:57:28 PM Me: ACK!!!!

7:57:37 PM Jim: that's what I kinda meant by what I said before

7:57:46 PM Jim: ACK? did you run out of cheez-its?

7:57:48 PM Jim: :P

7:59:25 PM Me: no...

7:59:40 PM Me: but all this stuff is making my hedd hurt like hell...

7:59:42 PM Me: head*

8:01:06 PM Jim: it tough to throw yourself into a process that you're not familiar with

8:01:22 PM Jim: but don't let it stress you out

8:01:37 PM Jim: you're trying to do a really great thing

8:01:47 PM Jim: so don't stress

8:02:00 PM Me: i vaguely remember what goes on and such when i went through my accounting classes and all that

8:02:02 PM Jim: look on the bright side!.....you'll only have to do it once!

8:02:05 PM Jim: in theory!

8:02:06 PM Me: i majored in business

8:02:14 PM Me: but i've never done it

8:02:45 PM Jim: practical experience is generally a far better teacher than theory

8:02:57 PM Me: seriously

8:03:14 PM Jim: seriously :)

8:03:21 PM Me: totally dude

8:03:53 PM Jim: like, shhhhyaaaah

8:04:10 PM Me: lol

8:04:12 PM Me: :)

8:04:30 PM Jim: lol

8:04:39 PM Jim: it's fun being "anonymous"

8:04:51 PM Me: yeah

8:05:28 PM Jim: because I realized...I can say whatever I want....and whoever reads it can think to themselves... "wow......who the fuck was THAT?"

8:05:29 PM Jim: lol

8:05:35 PM Me: lol

8:05:40 PM Me: that is so true

8:05:41 PM Jim: "and what on earth has he been drinking....at work..."

8:05:49 PM Me: or smoking!

8:05:55 PM Me: don't forget smoking!!

8:05:57 PM Jim: lol did you read my thing about the cheez-its?

8:06:06 PM Jim: smoking is bad :nono:

8:06:08 PM Jim: lol

8:06:20 PM Jim: ...i didn't inhale....

8:06:23 PM Me: not yet

8:06:26 PM Jim: lol

8:06:32 PM Jim: excellent!

8:06:58 PM Me: you r edgewalker?

8:07:02 PM Jim: lol

8:07:03 PM Jim: no

8:07:39 PM Me: ahh, i see it

8:07:47 PM Jim: even I am not that ...hmm...eccentric?

8:07:54 PM Jim: I'm Anonymous!

8:07:55 PM Me: lol

8:07:58 PM Jim: lo

8:07:58 PM Jim: l

8:08:00 PM Me: uh-huh

8:08:44 PM Jim: :P

8:08:50 PM Jim: mock me all you want

8:08:56 PM Me: i will!

8:09:01 PM Jim: it just rolls right off...I'm a comedic punching bag

8:09:23 PM Me: gateway snack?

8:09:27 PM Me: that's awesome

8:09:31 PM Jim: lol

8:10:12 PM Jim: I wanted my first official comment to be worth the bandwidth...and also contain as many pokes as possible.....without being blatantly obvious

8:10:14 PM Jim: lol

8:10:45 PM Me: PORN????

8:10:49 PM Me: c'mon!!!

8:11:17 PM Jim: well that was kinda in relation to the first comment from whoosiwhat'sit

8:12:33 PM Me: who the hell is edgewalker?

8:12:34 PM Jim: besides...you ARE in California.....stranger things have happened

8:12:40 PM Jim: I don't friggin know

8:12:45 PM Jim: I thought you knew him

8:13:00 PM Jim: he was already there when I showed up

8:14:23 PM Me: i don't know who he is, which only means one thing....

8:14:38 PM Me: I have readers I don't know!!!!

8:14:41 PM Me: which rules

8:14:49 PM Me: either that or he's a stalker

At this point I have to put in that I don't actually think that Edgewalker is a stalker, his blog looks semi-decent/normal, etc. But I don't know who he is, so the thought of someone I don't know reading my blog is very exciting to me...

8:14:57 PM Jim: hahaha

8:15:02 PM Me: which could be cool in a creepy kind of way

8:15:13 PM Jim: unlike most people....you see the silver lining...and try and find the cloud

8:15:15 PM Jim: lol

8:15:24 PM Jim: duuuude!

8:15:31 PM Jim: stalkers SUCK

8:16:15 PM Me: Well stalkers only stalk the really cool people, so if i have a stalker, it means i'm cool

8:16:17 PM Me: right?

8:16:33 PM Jim: wow...I must be cool too

8:16:35 PM Jim: hmmm

8:16:39 PM Me: so while the stalker him/herself sucks, having one is like a status symbol

8:16:39 PM Jim: I dunno about this theory

8:16:45 PM Jim: lol

8:16:49 PM Jim: like a merit badge?

8:16:53 PM Me: totally

8:16:55 PM Jim: lol

8:16:59 PM Me: rofl

8:17:03 PM Jim: I have more badges than you! :P

8:17:14 PM Jim: I sell my cookies better I guess

8:17:16 PM Jim: rofl

8:17:18 PM Me: dude, i maybe have one coolness merit badge

8:17:24 PM Me: i am sooooo uncool

8:17:26 PM Jim: lol

8:17:31 PM Me: i even have coolness demerits

8:17:36 PM Jim: why do you say stuff like that?

8:17:46 PM Me: because i am a total dork

8:17:57 PM Me: i used to play D&D

8:17:58 PM Jim: can I say something?...and not have it sound all gushy and stupid?

8:18:07 PM Me: yeah...

8:18:09 PM Me: go for it

8:18:52 PM Jim: I don't think you're "uncool"...if I did...i wouldn't jump online and say hi if I see you...or read your stuff

8:19:09 PM Me: lol

8:19:18 PM Me: no, of course you don't

8:19:28 PM Jim: hell the only reason you ever knew I existed...was because I made it a point to actually write you....randomly....because I thought your blog was cool

8:19:29 PM Me: that's not what i'm saying

8:19:55 PM Me: what i'm saying is i have never been, and will never be, "one of the cool kids"

8:20:00 PM Me: and you know what i mean by that

8:20:12 PM Jim: lemme tell you something about the cool kids.

8:20:27 PM Jim: they burned out by 20

8:20:30 PM Me: the kids who are so popular, everyone who looks at them wants to know them, they usually

8:20:31 PM Jim: for real

8:20:34 PM Me: probably

8:20:39 PM Jim: no probably

8:20:46 PM Me: but there emerges a new set for each stage in life

8:21:05 PM Me: in your 20s there's a new set, the wild party bunch

8:21:34 PM Jim: wanna buy a bridge?

8:21:38 PM Jim: sell a bridge?

8:21:38 PM Me: there's 2 different sets in your 30s, the married, perfect life, perfect kids set, and the still unmarried, but not freaking out about it set

8:21:39 PM Jim: trade?

8:21:47 PM Jim: lol

8:21:51 PM Me: you KNOW i'm right

8:21:52 PM Jim: dude

8:21:56 PM Jim: I'm older than you!

8:22:01 PM Jim: AND I'm single

8:22:09 PM Jim: don't tell me about my 30's!

8:22:14 PM Jim: : plugs ears :

8:22:20 PM Me: rofl!!

8:22:25 PM Jim: oh shit that won't work :covers eyes:

8:22:31 PM Me: lol!

8:22:45 PM Jim: .......*whispers*

8:22:49 PM Jim: ...not liiiisteniiiing

8:22:54 PM Jim: I mean reeeeading

8:23:12 PM Jim: ....actualyl I guess to be fair I haven't been single for all that long

8:23:19 PM Jim: ...probably shoulda been

8:24:05 PM Jim: : shrugs : I don't get the way other people end up "dating"

8:24:16 PM Jim: I've never like...walked up to a total stranger...and asked them out

8:24:18 PM Jim: ever

8:24:39 PM Me: :)

8:24:41 PM Me: why not?

8:24:48 PM Jim: but this is all besides the point....unless you were the president of the D&D club in high school...i don't see how you qualify as uncool

8:24:53 PM Me: you might have wound up with saner chicks

8:25:00 PM Jim: well...i haven't been single for more than a month in what?

8:25:02 PM Me: theater club

8:25:03 PM Jim: 8 years?

8:25:06 PM Me: did my homework

8:25:07 PM Jim: theater is awesome

8:25:15 PM Me: awesome, but not 'cool'

8:25:20 PM Me: football was cool

8:25:24 PM Jim: depends on what you do with it ;)

8:25:25 PM Me: cheerleading was cool

8:25:39 PM Jim: when you're funny....everyone knows you

8:26:23 PM Jim: I had a group of friends...but we were so far ahead of the curve on being wiseguys that we never ran into that much of the snotty clicky B.S.

8:26:35 PM Jim: I used to call it being a universal

8:26:46 PM Me: mmm

8:26:56 PM Me: well, i was never that funny

8:26:58 PM Me: not in HS

8:27:02 PM Me: not really in college

8:27:14 PM Jim: I totally don't buy that

8:27:27 PM Jim: you're one of those people who's funniest when they aren't even trying

8:27:30 PM Jim: so you don't notice

8:27:39 PM Jim: see me?...i work at it ;)

8:27:45 PM Jim: :)

8:28:01 PM Me: riiiight

8:28:08 PM Me: well, because i'm not outright funny

8:28:17 PM Me: i don't go around making wisecracks

8:28:45 PM Me: people wouldn't give me the time to be 'inadvertently funny'

8:29:08 PM Jim: um...you remember the whole name thing?...and that um..."rebellious streak" thing?

8:29:36 PM Jim: that kinda helps too...but I always did my homework...never got bad grades...never drank or smoked or any of that

8:30:17 PM Me: the name thing?

8:30:26 PM Jim: yeah...you broke down my name for me :)

8:30:33 PM Me: oh, right

8:30:35 PM Jim: you broek me into little bits

8:30:39 PM Me: sorry

8:30:41 PM Jim: picked me apart

8:30:45 PM Me: tired & headachy

8:30:51 PM Jim: ....oh you were totally right about 99% of it

8:30:55 PM Jim: aww...

8:31:06 PM Jim: see?...That's why I don't call :P

8:31:09 PM Jim: lol

8:32:34 PM Jim: oh man! I just had a great idea! i usually find myself doodling on a pad when I'm on the phone with clients at work......i am going to draw up an "I have internet stalkers" badge and have our office manager scan it

8:32:45 PM Jim: then you can paster it in your profile like a sash

8:32:48 PM Jim: ;)

8:35:09 PM Me: lol

8:35:14 PM Me: yeah right

8:35:54 PM Jim: are you...testing me?

8:35:56 PM Me: I need a logo

8:36:01 PM Jim: ye of such little faith!

8:36:09 PM Me: you want to design a logo for me?

8:36:19 PM Jim: did you learn nothing about magic in your D&D travels!?!

8:36:26 PM Me: :)

8:36:26 PM Jim: I can do that too

8:36:42 PM Me: coolness

8:36:47 PM Jim: but seeing as I have no idea what you are doing...or what your company name is

8:36:53 PM Me: ahh, i figured out how to do the name thingie

8:36:54 PM Jim: I'll draw Garfield instead

8:36:55 PM Me: http://www.lavote.net/CLERK/Business_Name.cfm

8:36:56 PM Jim: :)

8:37:10 PM Me: big surprise:

8:37:15 PM Jim: ?

8:37:21 PM Me: it's called 'The Random Oasis'

8:37:32 PM Jim: lol

8:37:55 PM Me: I'm going to start off doing clothing & jewelry, maybe eventually go into other random stuff

8:39:00 PM Jim: Magic Cards

8:39:02 PM Jim: lol

8:39:09 PM Me: you suck

8:39:09 PM Jim: Easy Bake Ovens

8:39:14 PM Jim: Lava Lamps

8:39:14 PM Me: YES!

8:39:29 PM Me: they have easy bake ovens at costco right now

8:39:33 PM Me: and i totally want one

8:39:40 PM Me: i'm a dork

8:39:55 PM Jim: so you can sit for a whole week to eat one cookie burned by a light bulb!


8:40:00 PM Jim: lol

8:40:23 PM Jim: I should open a T-shirt shop

8:40:24 PM Jim: lol

8:40:55 PM Jim: I made one specifically for a party I went to ....that was just black with white letters?

8:40:56 PM Me: :)

8:41:05 PM Me: yeah?

8:41:11 PM Jim: "Adorable Asshole" with a halo over the A's

8:41:12 PM Jim: lol

8:41:16 PM Me: nice

8:41:20 PM Me: i love it

8:41:21 PM Jim: it wasn't for me ;)

8:41:27 PM Jim: though it shoulda been

8:41:29 PM Jim: lol

8:41:41 PM Jim: hmmm

8:41:45 PM Jim: random......oasis.....

8:42:07 PM Jim: it needs to be simple...... so it can be reproduced at varying scales

8:43:36 PM Me: and favicons

8:44:08 PM Jim: favicons?

8:44:29 PM Me: i was thinking of desert oases, but with a christmas tree, but that's too seasonal

8:44:41 PM Jim: nah

8:45:01 PM Jim: I was thinking something more graphic, less literal

8:45:06 PM Me: a favicon is that little thingie in the upper corner that websites give you, if you look un your bookmarks

8:45:18 PM Jim: like random shapes that overlay into a palm tree and a little lagoon

8:45:31 PM Me: there's tiny icons by each bookmark

8:45:35 PM Me: those are favicons

8:45:46 PM Jim: lol...made up words are funny

8:46:04 PM Me: i like that, and i'm not sure how i get stuck with palm trees all the time

8:46:13 PM Me: i guess i should just bow to it

8:46:21 PM Jim: because that's what grows around an oasis

8:46:26 PM Me: i know...

8:46:33 PM Jim: it's either that or you really make it random

8:46:38 PM Jim: something that rotates

8:47:00 PM Jim: like one day it's a tree......next it's a little sumo dude with it on his belly

8:47:02 PM Jim: lol

8:47:18 PM Jim: A horse in clown shoes

8:47:24 PM Jim: etc etc

8:47:25 PM Jim: rofl

8:47:42 PM Jim: I could go on but your head already hurts

8:48:30 PM Me: lol

8:48:39 PM Me: no, then it'd be totally unrecognizeable

8:48:52 PM Me: iit could be the same shape, but it changes colors

8:49:12 PM Me: like it's always a palm tree with a pond, but sometimes it's purple

8:49:23 PM Me: sometimes there's a seal in the pond

8:49:46 PM Me: sometimes it's all mosaic like stained glass

8:50:18 PM Me: that way we're always random, and we're always an oasis

Jim disconnected (8:51:26 PM)

Jim connected (9:01:45 PM)

Away Message: whatever..... (9:01:45 PM)

Jim came back (9:02:03 PM)

9:02:23 PM Jim: stupid internets

9:02:31 PM Me: ??

9:02:35 PM Me: you popped

9:04:58 PM Jim: :P I know

9:05:09 PM Jim: I didn't do it

9:05:29 PM Jim: the wireless had a hiccup

9:06:36 PM Me: :(

9:06:43 PM Jim: oh please

9:06:46 PM Jim: you loved it

9:06:48 PM Jim: lol

9:06:56 PM Jim: "yes! he shuttup!"

9:06:58 PM Jim: lol

9:07:01 PM Jim: :P:P:P:P

9:07:08 PM Me: i was talkinga bout my logo, it looked like you were going to say something, and then you popped

9:10:03 PM Jim: I forgot what I was gonna say :(

9:14:56 PM Me: :(

9:15:07 PM Me: I was talking about randomizing my logo....

9:15:10 PM Me: if that helps

9:20:51 PM Me: :-p

Jim became active (9:25:51 PM)

9:25:51 PM Jim: lol

9:26:05 PM Jim: I was being overly random as I recall

9:26:34 PM Jim: but then again it's 12:26am....so it's to be expected

9:27:22 PM Me: :)

9:27:24 PM Me: ok

9:27:26 PM Me: sure

9:28:32 PM Jim: :P

9:28:48 PM Jim: I better get to sleep...I'm starting to nod off

9:28:57 PM Jim: I'll think of something

9:29:05 PM Jim: I'll run it by you...

9:29:12 PM Jim: besides...you should be sleeping too

9:29:28 PM Me: probably

9:29:41 PM Me: but i started my nap at 4:30 and didn't wake up until 7:30

9:29:54 PM Me: so i already slept for 3 hours this afternoon

9:30:12 PM Me: :)

9:30:26 PM Me: but at least my head doesn't hurt as much....

9:31:20 PM Jim: wish I could say the same

9:31:22 PM Jim: brb

9:32:05 PM Me: k

9:35:48 PM Me: http://randomoasis.com/

9:35:53 PM Me: i have a webpage!

9:35:57 PM Me: yay!!!

9:36:03 PM Jim: lol

9:36:07 PM Me: :-p

9:39:45 PM Jim: if anyone else had that web address I would hav ebeen VERY upset

9:39:47 PM Jim: lol

9:40:19 PM Me: lol

9:40:29 PM Me: yeah, well, i'm a little more creative than that

9:40:48 PM Jim: randomoasis.............dot ORG

9:40:49 PM Me: i may REALLY like my screen name, but it's more original than most

9:41:15 PM Me: all the .net, .org, .biz are all available too, buti'm not going to register those yet

9:41:26 PM Jim: sorry for the delay...I couldn't find my PJ's

9:41:34 PM Me: i'll be anal about those if i actually start getting business

9:41:35 PM Me: lol

9:42:05 PM Jim: so what exactly are you selling?

9:42:16 PM Jim: where is it coming from?

9:43:32 PM Me: i'm going to be buying solid color sweatshirts & such & using dyes to 'randomize' them

9:43:40 PM Me: then i'll also be doing jewelry

9:43:46 PM Me: and other random cool stuff

9:44:26 PM Jim: schweet

9:44:41 PM Me: yeah, i'm excited

9:44:49 PM Me: i'm actually doing this

9:45:02 PM Me: in some spare time that i seem to think that i have

9:45:47 PM Jim: lol

9:45:56 PM Jim: you found it with a microscope

9:46:04 PM Jim: ok

9:46:13 PM Me: yeah right...

9:46:16 PM Jim: I think I'm about ready to pass out

9:46:18 PM Jim: lol

9:46:20 PM Me: on thursday...

9:46:23 PM Me: ok

9:46:25 PM Me: night

9:46:41 PM Jim: g'night Sleepy!

Question of the Day: If you could run your own business, what would you sell/do?



There is something really cool about names. I'm not sure why. I was working at the Bux today, and there was a girl named Selkie. We take people's names and write them on the cups so people are less likely to grab the wrong drink and be idiots (still happens though). But this girl was Selkie, and I told her that her name made me happy. For anyone who doesn't know what a selkie is, or anything about the legend of the Selkies, it's an Irish myth about people who can turn from seals into humans. Wikipedia has a pretty good summary on them.

But it's got me wondering about names recently. I bought a huge book about the meaning of names and mine says I'm very perky and lucky and I seem very naive, though I'm really not. And I'm very successful in life. I don't feel like going into the other room to grab the book to type parts of it up and the cite it, especially when I have to be at work in 5 hours, and I haven't slept yet.

My name, Debbie or Deborah is Hebrew, from the book of Judges. She got some guy to come lead the people into battle, then wrote a victory song which is in the Bible. Kinda cool, huh? My only problem is that it's kind of an old name. There aren't many women my age with the same name, which I suppose is a good thing, but every Debbie I meet, or Deborah, is in her 40s or older. It's kind of lame... When I was a kid I wanted to be named something more common, like Emily or Tiffany. There were a lot of doubles in my class and I wanted a double. I also wanted braces, but that's a different story...

Question of the Day: What is you name, and what does it mean?


The Cure for Laziness

Jessica just decided to cure laziness. I find this highly amusing because first she will have to cure herself. But supposedly this is a good thing because everyone who lobbies for a cure to something has some kind of connection to it. Either they, or someone they know and love, are afflicted with it.

The boys and Jess and I are supposedly going out for a glass of wine as soon as Scott finishes making himself dinner. They also have to pay their rent. Then we are going for a glass of wine to warm us up. It's been getting cold here recently. Not like, "Oh, my, god, I'm freezing my ass off!"-cold, but more "It's kinda getting really cold, isn't it?"-cold. I left my jacket in Argentina, and Michelle brought it with them to Alaska. Supposedly they shipped it a few days ago, so I'm hoping it'll come tomorrow.

I'm thinking about starting my own business. The more I think about it, and every time I do think about it, the more I really like the idea. I'm going to start a website, and I think I'll apply for a business license on Monday or Tuesday. I can change my Costco membership to a Business membership, and then buy some stuff tax-free for supplies. I have to get info on doing tax stuff, and I'm thinking about buying a copy of QuickBooks, but for now I can do most of it on Quicken...

Question of the Day: How lazy are you?


3 lb. box of Cheez-Its

I would like to thank whoever invented Cheez-its. They are a wonderful wonderful thing. I will probably be cursing them profoundly after eating the entirety of the 3 lb. box I bought at Costco the other night, but for now, Cheez-Its are a beautiful thing.

I think I'm somehow even more worn out than before. I'm getting into a rhythm, and I even had a full day off on Tuesday, but I'm so exhausted that I'm just not fully functional. I'm making more mistakes and getting klutzier. I knocked over a cup of coffee today. Over the weekend, I spilled coffee all over my hand, and a latte all over the floor. At Costco it's not as obvious because you don't need a mop to clean up my mistakes, but I'm still not as fast and dropping things. I think I need to lay off the caffeine again. If I drink coffee, it needs to be decaf. I had started on the half-caf and the occasional espresso and I'm able to sleep on it during the day after a shift at Starbucks, which mean I'm really not getting enough sleep. I work at Costco tonight 6-12 which means I'll probably be off by 11 (they never give us lunches on these short closing shifts). And I work at 7:45 tomorrow morning, until noon. I have to catch up on sleep at some point. And I have to stop drinking caffeine. ACK!!!

Question of the Day: What are you getting me for Christmas?


I honestly don't think I'm totally sick and twisted for really loving this movie. Saying that though, I have to qualify it with the characters are amazing. The way this script is written and acted is incredible. The development of these 2 characters from seemingly quasi-normal people into developing this kind of relationship (spankings & domination, etc.) is incredibly fascinating. Maggie Gyllenhaal is amazing. I'm surprised she hasn't had a more mainstream career, but seeing the kind of work she does, she probably simply chooses not to. She can pick whichever indie project she wants that has a great script and run with it. James Spader is really good. I've liked him in everything I've seen him in, unfortunately that hasn't been much (I don't watch TV- Boston Legal). I can't go on enough about the way the story plays out and the character development in this movie.

It's a disciplined love story.


8 Women

One thing I can say is that the French love their musicals. Watching this I get the feeling that it was either adapted from a play, or it was written by a playwright rather than a screenwriter. The story line is incredible. It's full of twists and turns, and it's all about these 8 women who all thing any one of the other seven did it. the only thing I didn't like about the movie was the fact that they randomly burst out into song every so often. Each woman had her own song at some point, so there were 8 songs in the whole movie. But there were several twists and it was fabulous. Apparently, all of the actresses are really famous in France, but the only 2 I really know are Catherine Deneuve & Fanny Ardant. Fanny Ardant was Mary of Guise in Elizabeth and she totally has this aging sex bomb thing going on. Catherine Deneuve has made literally almost 100 movies.

French murder-mystery-musical. Very good, with some fun twists.

Run Lola Run

Wow. This movie is some kind of insanely fast paced. It's a German flick based around this girl and her boyfriend. The girl gets her Vespa stolen so she's not there to pick up her boyfriend after a money pickup for some mob boss and he loses the cash on a subway to a homeless guy. So, since he was supposed to deliver the money-100k Marks- by noon, he and his girlfriend, Lola, have 20 minutes to get another 100k or else he's dead. She decides to go to her father. He decides if she's not there, he's robbing the grocery store across the street from the pay-phone he's using. (This all gets explained in the first 5 minutes.) Considering it all happens pretty much in real time, and no one explained anything about the movie to me before hand, I was confused how they made 20 minutes into an hour and a half long movie. But the thing that makes this movie so amazing it that it's done in 3 acts of the same thing. Each one starts as she hangs up the phone and runs out the door. In each one there's a dog on the stairs. The first one, it simply growls at her and she runs by. The second time, it tries to bite her and she falls. The third time, she growls at it. In total, there's only a split second difference in timing when she actually leaves her building, but the difference it makes in when she gets to places and what occurs. The way that timing affects the decisions that she and Manni (her boyfriend) make. It's an incredible movie. It's in German, so you have to deal with subtitles, but it's not too difficult. The dialog is pretty simple. The other cool thing is the people she comes across and the way the movie deals with them. The film doesn't ignore them, but it doesn't spend 20 minutes on each of them explaining their life stories. It's really cool. I'm not going to give it away.

A really really fun film. I wish they would re-make it shot-for-shot in English, but it almost wouldn't be as good.


Totally Awesome 80s Man! This is one of those movies that you watch as a guilty pleasure because if it's your favorite movie, you've got something wrong with you, but at the same time, it's just so much fun and 80s with throwbacks to the 50s it's awesome. (I was saying that in a way that has some sarcasm to it.) It's got some great songs in it that you just got to love. Sarah Jessica Parker is in it waaaay back in the day (it was released in 1984). It's part of the Six degrees of Kevin Bacon game. Even John Lithgow is in it. I got to see the musical when I was in New York once and it was a lot of fun. The acting as 2nd rate, but the hair is big and the clothes are great.

It's a fun movie, and one you have to see at least once in your life.


More Musings on Bond

I got to thinking earlier, this most recent Bond is number 21, so James bond is finally legal to drink. It's funny because the first one came out in like 1960 or something, so the movies themselves are like 46 years old, but now that there are 21 movies, Bond is finally legal to drink. So all this time, he's been Under-Age!!

Question of the Day: Do you ever notice how things are a hell of a lot funnier when you haven't slept?


I am officially an idiot. I somehow lost my keys last night at Costco. I have 2 sets of keys that I carry with me because I'm no longer doing the purse thing. One set is my car keys and they're on a lanyard and kinda bulky, so while I'm at Costco, I put them in my locker. The other set of keys has my house key, the key to my mailbox, my bike lock, and of course, the key to my locker. That second set is the set that went missing last night. Of course, I didn't notice that they disappeared until right as I was supposed to be leaving. We looked all over the place for them, re=traced my steps, and wound up using bolt-cutters to get the lock of my locker. I had my car keys, but I didn't have my house keys, so I could get home, but I couldn't get in. I was hoping that I had locked them in my locker, but no such luck. Luckily Jessica was already on her way home from Arizona, and I only had to wait 2 hours to get back into the apartment. This of course meant that I only got 3 hours of sleep last night because I had to open this morning, but I just woke up from a nap, so I'm ok, for now anyway...

Question of the Day: Have you ever lost a set of keys like this?


sooo, tired.....

I think I officially just worked like 17 hours or something completely crazy like that. I got to Starbucks at 4:30, but Gina was late, so I didn't actually start until 5, then I left at about 11:05, went straight to Costco, and started there at 11:30 and worked until 7:35pm. I got three 1/2 hour breaks all day: one at about 8:30 am, one in between the two jobs, and one at about 3:15 pm at Costco. I had a 15 minute break late in the day at 5 something and I actually fell asleep in the break room for part of it, I was so tired. I was pretty much dead on my feet. I have to get to bed here now, but luckily, I don't have to work as long tomorrow, and I have a break between my two schedules. (The worst part was I had only slept maybe 4 hours the night before...)

Question of the Day: Have you ever worked a crazy day like that?


I must be crazy

I'm looking at my schedule for the next few days, and wondering why I'm still awake at the moment. I need to go to sleep because I have to be at work in 5 hours. I got lucky and got off work at Costco about an hour and a half ago, but I got distracted doing things I didn't need to be doing. I decided to do a quick post before going to sleep, relax myself a bit.

Next week isn't as insane as this week is, I only do a double shift two days, and I have several hours in betwee non those days. I still don't have a day off, but at least I'll be able to sleep a bit more next week than I am this week. My body won't be yelling and screaming at me the way it will be tomorrow. I think I'm actually going to have to drink a fully caffeinated something-or-other tomorrow. Maybe I'll invent something.

Working at Starbucks, for some reason, I've gotten really into drinking soy milk rather than regular milk. I'm not really sure why. I think it's lower in fat and all that, but it's also organic. Recently Organic foods have been really important to me. Free Trade, Organic, Natural, they all seem like granola, California crunchy terms, but when you really think about how much we eat, and what we do to the environment, it makes sense. And then you think about the antibiotics they feed cattle and chickens, and wonder why we have the Super-Flu that doesn't respond to penicillin. And then the growth hormones, which I believe is responsible for the increase in the rates of cancer. The problem is that Organic foods are more expensive. Luckily, more people are buying them, which makes it more available, and more competitively priced. Better for everyone. Moral of the rant: Buy Organic when you can afford the extra few cents, or when you are feeling guilty, or because you love the environment or your kids.

Question of the Day: Do you buy Organic foods? What & Why?


On A Clear Day

I really enjoyed this movie. It's by Focus Features, so I knew from the opening credits that it would be good. It's all about this Old-ish Guy who loses his job, supposedly because he's too pigheaded to pansy up to a new head boss at the shipyard. So in a moment of desperation, on a day boat-trip to France, he decides to swim the English Channel. There are other things going on, too. He apparently had a son who died very young, and relations are very tense between him and his remaining son. Meanwhile his wife wants to learn to drive a bus, and they're both keeping their respective secrets from each other. It's a real movie, slightly uplifting in that, 'you can do anything if you set your mind to it' way. The cast is really very good. Peter Mullan is fantastic, he does the desperate look so well, but can pull off the happy moments perfectly. Brenda Blethyn is always fabulous. Billy Boyd is completely hysterical.

It's a really great movie. I think I'll get it for my dad for Christmas...

The Rise of Psychoses

I just took a nap after my early morning shift at Starbucks and I'm thinking to myself (as I'm slightly jittery still from caffeinating myself this morning) that I find it odd that people have their children diagnosed with ADHD or Bi-Polar disorders after heavily caffeinating them or sugaring for weeks and days on end. People load their kids up with Coke and Pepsi and Chocolate and candy and then wonder why they can't pay attention to anything. I don't understand people.

It's like at Starbucks, people leave their cups on the tables, expecting us to clean them up. At Costco, we spend hours re-folding clothes that people unfold to look at, and then just toss back in the pile, not caring that it was all nice and neat before they got there. Or they pull the one from the bottom of the pile, messing up all the ones on top of it. Like the one on the bottom is any better or cleaner than the one on the top. I keep my chin up and hope they grab the bottom one because it's a medium and the ones above it are larges or smalls.

Question of the Day: What do 'people' do that annoys you?


Nearly Thanksgiving

So, until now, I did not think it was possible to be alone on a day like Thanksgiving. But lo, and behold, I have zero plans for tomorrow. My parents are cross-country. My roommate left this morning to go to her parents house and my two really cool next door neighbors both have plans. One has family in town and the other is working and has a work related get-together. I am pretty much left to myself. I am working tomorrow at 4am at Starbucks, so I have to go to bed really soon, but I only work until 11am. I'm going to try to pick up extra hours, but I have nothing going on after. I guess I'll be coming home and writing or watching movies, or who knows what else....

Question of the Day: What are your plans for Turkey Day 2006?


4 am?

Well, today did not suck nearly as much as I expected. I think it's because I work at a coffee place, so having to be at work at 4:15 in the morning is not as hellish as it really could be. I was kinda absorbing caffeine through the air. I had 3 or 4 iced soy lattes, but they were all decaf, so I wasn't directly ingesting that much caffeine. I know, decaf still has caffeine in it, but nowhere near as much as regular coffee/espresso. I'm starting to kinda fall over now, but I'm only just slowing down. I came home and started doing laundry. I'm contemplating the nap thing, but I think it might be a bad idea. Since I'm going to be doing the opening thing several more times this week, I think I'm going to try to program my body to wake up earlier & go to bed earlier. Which should work, until I have to Costco until midnight... So a nap might be in order. I don't know. My body is going to have severe issues, and I have a feeling that I will be sleeping ALL DAY on Monday (assuming I'm not working at Starbuck's)...

Question of the Day: How messed up has your sleep schedule ever gotten?


Talk to Her

This was a really good movie. It feels kinda long, though it's only about an hour and 45, but it's very, almost, lyrical. It's about these two guy who have relationships with women in comas. They meet and the film tells about each of the men and how they met each of the women. The two men are in totally different situations. Marco is a writer who is in love with Lydia who is a female Bullfighter who got gored. Benigno is a nurse who is obsessed with Alicia, a dancer who was in a car accident. The way the story goes, it could be a very taut and frenetic story, but instead of going crazy with it, it's all about the people, and the way they interact, rather than the events themselves.

It's really a beautifully done movie.

Kung Fu Hustle

I love this movie. This is the third time I've seen it. I saw it in the theater, and now I've Netflix-ed it twice. I'd buy it if I could find it somewhere cheap. But the whole premise is kinda Bruce Lee crossed with Looney Toons, set in the 30s or 40s. It's in Chinese, so it's all subtitled, but most of the fun is in action sequences. Just about everyone channels Bruce Lee at some point, in doing some thing or other. It's so fun, and the music is great, you notice it, without it being overbearing. It's all authentic, old Chinese movie music, which I think is really cool. To quote IMDb in the description:
Set in Canton, China in the 1940s, the story revolves around a hapless wannabe gangster who aspires to become a member of the notorious "Axe Gang." Other characters include an obnoxious landlady and her apparently frail husband who exhibit extraordinary powers in defending their turf.
You can't properly describe this movie, without just telling every little detail about it, and then it just sounds outlandish and silly, and it is, but it's wonderful.

I really love this movie. It's truly fantastic, and a lot of fun.

Mac & Cheese

OK, it's time for a new recipe. I made this one up the other day, but I wanted to check and see how much of what I was actually putting in, before I posted it. Now before you say, "EEEWWWW!" to this recipe, I first off have to say that I'm not pregnant, and I love the combination of Tandoori Paste and Cheddar (or fake cheddar) cheese. I started doing it when I first bought the tandoori paste and I'd make a chicken breast with tandoori paste and then melt cheddar over it. But this is easier, both to make and to eat. So without furth ado:

Tandoori Chicken Macaroni & Cheese

You will need:

  • A box of Macaroni & Cheese (Don't use the powdered stuff- go for a package with liquid cheese in it, like Velveeta)

  • A can of Diced Tomatoes, drained, juice reserved (I recommend either S&W Ready Cut, or Del Monte Petite Cut)

  • 2 chicken breasts, or thighs or however much chicken you want to use, cooked, chopped, & set aside, if you're a vegetarian, feel free to use tempeh (but for god's sake, don't use teriyaki flavor!)

  • A jar of Tandoori paste


Cook the pasta as directed adding the juice from the can of tomatoes to the water. Just before draining the pasta, add the tomatoes & the cold chicken or tempeh. Drain it all and add back to the pot. Pour cheese over and add 1-2 tablespoons of Tandoori Paste. I use about 1.5, but if you like it spicy, go for more. Mix it all well. Serve hot. I would garnish with something green, maybe cilantro, or mint even, if you were doing this for company...

Question of the Day: What is your favorite ethnic food?


Date Movie

This was an OK movie. I love Alyson Hannigan, but I don't think she quite works in this movie. I don't think she's quite believable as the fat chick to begin with. I'm sure Anna Ferris was probably supposed to be in it originally, but she had scheduling conflicts with Scary Movie 16 or whatever number they're up to. I have to think that Anna would have been a better choice for this one because she's got this wide-eyed innocent thing, where Alyson can totally do more devious easier. Being a redhead, I don't think she's really been able to truly pull off the innocent thing since the first 3 episodes of Buffy. Casting annoyances aside, some of the jokes were awesome. I loved the play on When Harry Met Sally, and the Paris Hilton hamburger thing, and the What Women Want Britney Spears thing was great. But there were some jokes that were over-done and played out. Like the When Harry Met Sally thing, it was actually longer than it needed to be.

Had funny bits, but it's kinda played out.


Last night, before the movie, I had a soy Mocha. I'm working at Starbucks, so these things are cheaper than before. But I wanted a decaf, and I'm not entirely sure it was. I'm still kinda jittery from it. It's crazy. I was online here until 3am, doing some really random stuff, and then I went to bed and proceeded to wake up like 4 times. It's so funny. I work at a coffee place, but I can't handle the caffeine well. How's that for ironic?

So I'm still dwelling on the new Bond movie. It's so good. I was reading a few reviews, and I really like some of the things the critics are saying about it. To quote off of IMDb:
Chris Vognar observes in the Dallas Morning News: "Casino doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does spin the franchise in some gritty new directions. The characters seem less like props in an ongoing adolescent fantasy. The tone isn't as cute or vapid as most installments; it's actually a little sinister compared with any recent Bond. ... The movie feels both old and new. It is quietly, casually revisionist in its reinvention." Manohla Dargis in the New York Times underlines the difference: "Here what pops off the screen aren't the exploding orange fireballs that have long been a staple of the Bond films and have been taken to new pyrotechnic levels by Hollywood producers like Jerry Bruckheimer, but some sensational stunt work and a core seriousness. Successful franchises are always serious business, yet this is the first Bond film in a long while that feels as if it were made by people who realize they have to fight for audiences' attention, not just bank on it.

I am really very pleased by the reviews. I really, really enjoyed the movie. I think it might just be the first Bond movie I'll buy, unless someone decides to buy me one of those happy shiny Bond boxed sets for Christmas.

Question of the Day: Why haven't you seen Casino Royale yet? (or if you have, what did you think of it?)

Hyper Movies

Ok, so I just went and saw Casino Royale. You know, the new Bond movie? Let me tell you it's fantastic. I love it. I'm still in awe of how hardcore and bad-ass Daniel Craig is. (For a full review, go to my other blog: The Random Movie Review.) At any rate I got to thinking about how hard or easy it would be to kill someone. Yeah, I know. It would be crazy hard, and I'd probably react like the Bond girl does, and freak out and all of that.

I've never had and contact with death really before. I've had 2 people close to me die. And one wasn't close at all. My Uncle Matt dies when I was like 7 I think (I don't really remember, I didn't really know the guy, but I think I remember him looking kinda like Fred McMurray). And then my grandmother died about 3 years ago. I was in the house when she died, and I'm trying to remember how I felt about it. I don't think I was freaked out that I was there when she went, but I was relieved that I had gotten to see her before she died. She had cancer and was in serious pain, so it was probably a relief to her, but I don't know how I felt about it all.

In all honesty I don't think I'd have the physical strength to kill someone. I mean Bond is ripped, and there are guns involved. I don't know if I could pull it off physically. Mentally, I think I'd probably over-think the whole thing and screw it up so badly that I'd send myself into some kind of mental breakdown and convince myself that who ever I killed was going to haunt me, or come back to life and eat my brains while I slept. I'd turn into a total Lady McB. or something... (Shakespeare reference for those of you who didn't get that.) So, I really don't think I could do the cold-blooded killer thing.

Question of the Day: Could you?

Casino Royale

Prepare yourself. I am about to wax poetic, or not so poetic, about this movie. I literally just finished watching it about half an hour ago, and I'm a little hyped up on sugar from Starbucks and the action from the movie. I loved it. I absolutely loved this movie. You can tell from the opening credits that it's different from the other recent Bond films. Chris Cornell wrote and sang the theme song and it's a completely different feeling than the other songs. The last one was done by Madonna, and it was all pop-y. This one is way darker and more rock, and that it the way the rest of the movie goes. This Bond, Daniel Craig, is amazing. Everyone was so upset about a blond Bond, about a guy who hadn't been in much, and I wholeheartedly approve of him. I liked him before, because he was great in Layer Cake, but he is so hardcore in this, and there's only one or two 'toys' in this movie. There's a portable defibrillator and a few tracking devices, and of course some cool phones, supplied by one of the few product placements. There's a scene in the beginning of the movie where Bond is chasing this guy who's played by a professional gazelle (and I mean the animal). Well, not really, but he's a free-runner or something like that, and they pull all these crazy stunts, and again, you can tell right from the beginning that it's a totally different kind of Bond. Plus the Bond girls are great. Eva Green is fantastic. She's the 'love interest' Bond-girl. She's a lot more interesting than a lot of the past Bond girls. She's smart and all of that. The other 2 girls don't get a lot of screen time, which is probably the only disappointment I had in the entire thing. But I don't see where it could have been slipped in. Paul Haggis, who wrote & directed Crash, did the re-write for this script. I loved it.

A hardcore, toy-free, shiny and new Bond. It makes me very happy.

Update 7/23/07: I own it now. Which makes me very happy...



So I'm really really really really excited because I finally have a woring laser disc player. Yeah, yeah, I know. LDs are an obsolete technology and all that jazz. But they are really such a better quality than DVDs even. Plus, the cases are like LPs and you can totally hang them on the wall and make it all pretty and stuff. My mom had originally shipped me the laser disc player that they had, but I think it got broken in shipment because it was seriously broken when it got here. The tray wouldn't even go in and out. So I took it someplace to get fixed and I had to pay $45 just to get it 'diagnosed.' Then, of course, they can't fix it because it's got like 3 things wrong with it, and they're not even sure they can get the parts for one of them, and it'll all cost me at least $200. Which I do not have.

So I started browsing cragslist (greatest site ever- if you haven't heard of it, you are in the stone ages of the internet.) and I found one. The guy had posted that and a VCR for $40 for the pair. Well, by the time I replied, he had already sold the VCR, so I wanted to check out the LD player. The funny thing is, his studio (he's a photographer) is literally around the corner from where I live. I walked over and we couldn't get it to work. It was crazy. the thing was totally fritzing. So I bought the 7 lasers he had for $1 each and he said he'd give mea call if he got it working. Well, this morning, I got a call saying that he got it working and so I got it from him for $20. I should have just binned the LD player my mom sent me from the start. But the LDs he gave me are freakin' awesome! I've now got Raging Bull, Apocalypse Now, 8 1/2 and a bunch of other cool ones. I'm really excited. I now officially have a larger LD collection than a DVD collection.

It freaking rocks!!

Question of the Day: What obsolete technologies do you find cool?


American History X

This movie is seriously intense. I want to put a disclaimer at the beginning of this review: If you have problems with violence, don't see this movie. If you have problems with racism, don't go see this movie. If you are uncomfortable with the idea that supposedly good little white boys can be turned into neo-nazi rasict, super-violent rage-machines, don't see this movie. All that said, I think everyone who is older than 17 (it's rated R, and for good reason) should see this movie. Edward Norton is incredible. I hated him, and then I loved him. I felt for him, and thought he needed to whither and die. He is an amazing actor. Period. Edward Furlong is good too. He's very young, very high school, and kinda annoying, though I think that was the point. (For those of you who aren't experts in knowing what people have been in, he was John Connor in Terminator 2.) Basically what this movie is about is a Young man (Norton) goes to jail for 2 years and when he comes out, he tries to put his younger brother (Furlong) onto a different path. Both were the neo-Nazi, racist type before he went to jail, and the younger brother is getting more & more into it as the older is getting ready to get out of jail. The movie goes a little into the why and the how of the guys, but it's more of what's happened to the older brother and how it's affected the younger. It's completely brilliant.

I want to see it again, but I don't think I can handle the violence level for another year or more.

New Goal

So I've come up with a new goal to post more frequently in this blog. I am insane in terms of when and where I work. Like Black Friday, I work at Costco until Midnight, and then I work on Saturday at Starbucks at 4:30 am. Then I supposedly work at 11:15 at Costco until after 7pm. So I have a feeling I'l be going to bed at like 8pm that night....

So I think I'm getting a thing for different guys at both of my work places. It's definitely a bad thing because workplace relationships are always a bad idea. There are a few different guys at both places which is the weird thing because usually I only focus on one guy. But it's all ok, because I won't date any of them. Because it's a bad idea. Really. (I'm trying to convince myself.)

Question of the Day: Have you ever dated someone at work? How did it turn out? (and yes I realize that's two questions, but the first one is a yes or no...)

Rice Pudding

OK, So I just officially closed one of my other blogs. I have 5 officially, I think, and I think that's just too many. I only regularly post in 3 of them (this one, Random Jokes, and The Random Movie Review) and I'm too poor to really do the Restaurant Review justice. I'll keep that one open for a while longer, and I'll post in it whenever I get the chance. But the Random Recipe blog, while a great idea, just hasn't been easy to keep up. I've been so busy I haven't been cooking a lot. Or I haven't been posting my recipes and inventions because I forgot, or just simply haven't had time. So I'm merging that blog with this blog. It's my final solution. That way I can keep up with things without feeling guilty I haven't posted in ages. And I can still post recipes without feeling like I need to do it somewhere else. I'll add the recipes from the other blog to this one before I delete that blog, if I decide to at all. There's a good number of food stuffs there, and I don't know that I want to bother with it at this point.

At any rate I wanted to wax poetic about Rice Pudding, not about moving and merging my blogs. That's silly... What I find silly about 99% of rice pudding recipes is that they call for left over rice. My problem with that is that I never have any leftover rice. It always gets eaten (or stuck to the bottom of the pot). So, instead of using leftover rice, I use raw, uncooked rice, and one heck of a lot of milk. My recipe takes a lot of patience as well, and a good strong stirring arm, but it's a super easy recipe.

  1. Take some rice. I usually use about 2 cups. Rinse it well.
  2. Put it in the bottom of a large pot. I stress large because the last time I made it, my pot ran out of room as the rice grew, and I only used a cup and a half of rice.
  3. Add enough milk to cover the rice and about 1/2 a cup sugar. I never measure the milk, because there's not really much point.
  4. Turn the heat on low.
  5. You'll keep adding milk until the rice is cooked and the pudding is the right consistency.
  6. Stir constantly.
  7. When the rice is almost cooked, add about 2 tablespoons of vanilla, a tablespoon or two of cinnamon and about a cup of raisins. This is all optional. (For rum raisin rice pudding, soak the raisins in rum for an hour before you start, then add them at the very end.)
  8. Keep adding milk.
  9. Keep Stirring.
  10. When the rice is fully cooked and the pudding has reached the desired consistency, remembering that it will thicken more as it cools, remove from the heat.
  11. Let it cool a bit before serving, but I like it warm, rather than cold. If it gets too thick as it cools, you can add some more milk, just be very carful, because you can always add more milk, but you cannot remove it.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite flavor of pudding?


Wet, Hot American Summer

This movie was unbelievably fun. It has one hell of a cast, that do amazing jobs on their characters. They do the subtle stuff. They do the over-the-top super-campy stuff. They do the standard stuff. They do the sex stuff. They do the geek stuff. It's awesome. The movie is based around the last day of a kids sleep away summer camp in 1981. It's got a few story lines. The camp director is trying to hook up with an astrophysicist who's in the area. The Counselors are trying to hook up with each other. There's a gay couple. There's a rafting trip that goes awry. There's a falling piece of space lab. There's all sorts of stuff going on....

It's literally the ultimate camp movie. Incredibly funny.



I have to say that I loved this movie. It was written by Neil Gaiman, whose work I love (I haven't read nearly enough of it), and it's all about this girl who was raised living in a Circus. Her mother gets sick after they fight and Helena (the girl) winds up in this dream world. She realizes that it's the world that she's been drawing and posting up on her walls, and she's traded places with the daughter of the evil queen. She has to find a charm to wake the Queen of Light to set everything to right. It's a very good story, and actually has a happy ending which not all of Gaiman's stories do. I have a collection of his short stories, and some of them end quite morbidly. The movie itself is quite a feast for your eyes because it's part live action, part animation, and part stop-action. The way that it's done is brilliant, and it was a movie I wanted to see strictly from a technical standpoint from the first time I heard about it. But it's really quite a good storyline as well. The acting is very good, I was well impressed with the people involved.

A delightful, slightly dark, 'not-quite-a-child-anymore' film.


The Libertine

I know a lot of people didn't like this movie, but I did. It's a period piece, and historical, and therefore something that I tend towards liking. It's about the Earl of Rochester in the 17th century. He was hopelessly debauched, drunk, et cetera, but he was a poet and playwright as well. Of course, he was never lauded for his work until after his death, because no one ever is. Johnny Depp is brilliantly utilized in this. The character is never liked, and the movie even starts out, "You will not like me." John Wilmot, Depp's character, kinda goes off the deep end, to see what he can get away with, and then just keeps going with the debauchery. He drinks to excess, he'll have sex with literally anything, but there's something in the man. He winds up with syphilis and yet, he's hard to stop watching.

It's like watching a train wreck. You just can't stop watching.


This was a cute little movie. I think I liked it because there was a lot familiar in it. My parents have a huge age difference as well. I have close friends with a large age difference. And they all make it work, which is why I was very disappointed in the way this ends. Obviously a relationship is easier if the age difference is smaller, but it's not impossible if there's 14 years between you. All that aside, it's a cute movie. Meryl Streep, as usual, is golden. She is amazing. She makes every movie she's in wonderful. The scene when she figures out that Rafi is dating her son is priceless. Uma Thurman is great, although I had no idea that she was as old as she is playing in this movie. Some people just shouldn't age, I refuse to believe movie stars actually get older. Bryan Greenberg is decent in this movie. He's a good 5 years older than he's supposed to be playing in this, which is a little disappointing when I looked that up, but he's not bad. His acting needs a little refining which he'll get over his next few projects. I was looking at his IMDb page and he's really only done TV.

Cute movie, though I was disappointed in the end.


The Fifth Element

This is another movie I really like. I think I've finally figured out my favorite kind of movie. A good action movie with a bit of romance thrown in. This one takes place about 300 years from now, and is all sci-fi. The premise is kinda complex if you try to explain it, but Milla Jovovich is apparently a perfect woman, a supreme being and the 'Fifth Element' in a weapon against an evil that pops up every 5000 years. There's more to it than that, but there's aliens and space travel and Chris Tucker being crazy and Bruce Willis being bad-ass. There's some crazy silly great quotes too.

It's a great movie, slightly cheesy, but still a lot of fun.

(So, I'm watching the Fact Track, and I just saw something I HAD to share: The McDonald's train the cops run into reads: 67 Trillion Served!)


Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I have to say: I love this movie. I bought it recently and I so rarely spend money to actually buy movies, so you know it's one I love. These two stars are great together. They've got a chemistry together that is completely palpable on-screen. It's no wonder they're shacking-up together now. This movie has it all for a girl like me. It's got action, romance, romantic-action, and really great, witty dialogue. I love some of the one-liners you can pull out of this movie. "Still alive, Baby?" "Garden Party, Girls." "We have an unusual problem here, Jane. You obviously want me dead, and I'm less and less concerned for your well-being." "Oh, come on, it was just a little bomb." And the list goes on... The premise behind this movie is that two assassins are married to each other, but neither realizes what the other is. So they eventually find out and are assigned to kill the other. Violence, hilarity & sex ensue.

A fun, action-filled romp with a couple of great stars shooting at each other.

Coffee and Cigarettes

This was a rather odd movie. Definitely not mainstream. The entire movie is a series of vignettes of people talking over & about Coffee and Cigarettes. They're never eating anything, and the entire thing is in black and white, but it's quite good. There's some great symmetry, plot-wise (or maybe I should say lack of plot-wise). Reflection from one conversation to another. There are doctors who aren't really doctors, but they are. There are musicians, and actors, and 'normal' people. Cate Blanchett plays a famous actress and her own cousin which a great scene. I wasn't sure what I was going into when I was watching it. Whether it would be more philosophical, or more esoteric, or more everyday. It's definitely more normal conversations with real people, but as you watch the whole thing it just kinda grows on you. It's a very watchable. (I wasn't the hugest fan of the first sketch, so make sure to keep watching past that one.)

Very good, not run-of-the-mill. Interesting.



Once again, for some un-godly reason, I am awake at 4:30 in the morning. I tried taking Tylenol PM. Didn't work. I tried a glass of warm milk. No Luck. Now I jsut spent a half an hour going through e-mail to see if I could get bored enough to go to sleep, and I'm barely yawning!! It's not fair!! I should be exhausted. I'm officially working 2 jobs now. I started work at Starbuck's yesterday. They've got a training manual that's an inch thick. And then I work at Costco. My muscles ache all over. I'm worn out, but I'll be in great shape! And now I can't sleep. I can't figure out why either. It's freaking annoying. It's almost 6 am now. I went to bed at 12:30-ish. I shouldn't be awake!

I'm hot too. It's been like some kind of heat wave here too. It's been getting below 65 degrees in my room overnight, and when I woke up it was around 70. I still haven't put any extra blankets on, but it was still rather jarring from previous nights. It was 73 in here when I went to sleep.

I think I might be getting sleepy. All this complaining is getting to me. Hopefully it's working...

Question of the Day: Do you ever have problems sleeping for no apparent reason?



This was an altogether odd movie at first. It seemed natural while watching it, but the entire description is so odd. Well, I get ahead of myself. The movie is about this person who lives for over 400 years. He starts out as a man, then gets turned into a woman. It sounds very strange, but it's based on a novel by Virginia Woolf. The movie itself is very short, only about an hour and a half, but it's so well done, and so well played. Tilda Swinton is incredible. It's like this role was written for her. She has this amazing androgyny that makes this movie possible. The movie is laid out in chapters almost, starting with 'Death,' ending with 'Birth.' These chapters are different parts in the Saga of this person's life. My roommate says that things are much better explained in the book (which I haven't read), because it's all about thoughts and ideas, rather than the simple motions of life. But I rather liked the movie. It has amazing costumes, and the history surrounding Orlando is incredible.

A thinking movie. Not light and airy, but very good.


General Freak-Out

So my life is getting really depressing right now. So I really doubt there's going to be anything good in this entry.

First off, I finally balanced my check book, and I really should have been keeping up with it, because I missed the mark on a check and forgot I had written it, and so I had to use my overdraft protection and got into trouble with that. So I got an NSF/ Overdraft fee which pisses me off, and I'm going totally broke. Once again, I'm at the point where if I don't have a sudden influx of cash by the end of next month, I can't both pay rent and my credit card bills. It's so awful because I already went to my parents once and got a loan and hated myself for it. I wanted to be independent, and I'm crying help already. This will be twice in two months. I know I know, they're my parents, they won't mind, and all that, but I mind. I don't want to ask them for money. I don't want to be doing that all the time. I grew up always asking them for stuff and I want to do it myself now.

The job hunt isn't going particularly well either. I still haven't heard back from anyone at Starbuck's yet, and I'm still waiting on Costco. I had a drug test and they were supposed to do a background check, but I kinda expected to hear back today. The woman at the drug test said something about orientation this week,and if it's this week, I'd kinda like to know more than one day in advance...

I was pretty sick over the weekend. Saturday I just got super-sick to my stomach where the thought of food made me want to throw up. But of course there was nothing in my stomach to come up. So it took until yesterday until I felt like I could really eat anything again, and until this morning until I actually did. I'm not divulging any of the details of my sickness because that's between me, the toilet and a lovely bottle of Peptol Bismol.

I think the worst part of all of this is that I put my parents on a cruise on Sunday. They were here, and now they're gone, and I can't call them where they are now because they're out of the country, and I told them not to use their cell phones unless it's an emergency. I usually talk to my mom on a daily basis. This whole non-communication thing is downright weird. (And scary, especially since I'm watching the season of Buffy where her mom dies. It's totally freaking me out right now.)

Question of the Day: How's you're overall state of mind at the moment?


Italian Buffy

So, I was bored and was playing online Roulette and came across this website. I kinda laughed pretty hard at it until I started thinking about it. It's an Italian Wicca website. The reason I laughed at it was because it was just so unexpected. I had no idea what I had come across until I started pretending I could read it, and it had a few words that I recognized and I was like, "Whoa!" It stands to reason that there is Wicca in every language, but I had never really thought about it. Not that I really thought it was only in English, but I'm babbling on here....

So I've been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer lately. It's a fun show. Some of the episodes are really great. I'm somewhere in the middle of the 4th season. The guys who live next door are letting me borrow one season at a time so I can watch the whole thing. I think my favorite character is Spike. He's so crazy and always completely fails at his evilness that he's fun. Plus he's got a mean sense of humor. He was in my dream last night. I'm not going to elaborate any more than that... I refuse...

Question of the Day: What was your dream last night about?


Job Hunt! (again...)

Ok, so I haven't posted in about 2 weeks, I know. But in that time I lost the wine job. So, now I have to look for a whole new job. I've already applied at Starbucks, Costco, and a few other places. My mom got here the day after I got fired, so I haven't applied to as many places as I would like.

But Jessica and I did meet the guys next door to us. They're really cool. Like male versions of us, with the traits mixed around a bit. But we kept them up until 5 am that Saturday because I had had a Caramel Macchiatto at like 1pm and forgot to get decaf.

I think I've run out of things to say....

Question of the Day: What have you been doing for the last two weeks?