So I think I've decided to get a Vespa when I move out to Los Angeles. They've got a model called the GTS that even if I paid full price, it'd be under $6 grand. Depending on the kind of insurance rates I can get, I'll be able to afford an apartment closer to work if I get a scooter rather than a car. Plus in a place like Los Angeles with beautiful weather all year long (like here), a scooter or a convertible would be great. Plus the GTS can go up to 76 miles per hour, so it's still viable on the highway. The only major questions I have are about mpg (for it's 2.4 gallon tank), security, and how to get groceries to and from the store.

I was looking at the Ural website the other day because I'm liking the idea of a motorcycle more and more, but I don't really want a real motorcycle. Urals all (or mostly) have sidecars, which are supremely cool. I saw Garden State when it was in theaters and he had a sidecar, and it was just the coolest thing ever. I loved it. So that got me thinking that if I want a motorcycle, it has to have a sidecar. But then one of my friends told me that Ural is a Russian design based on, like, 1970s German design that they bastardized. Or something like that. I'm completely misquoting him, but he went on this long rant-like thing basically telling me why I should not get a Ural. He'll probably go off on me about Vespa, too, but those are Italian, and nobody can talk bad about Italians (except maybe Mussolini) to me: they perfected pasta (the Chinese invented the stuff).

At any rate, Motorcycles are expensive, and scooters just feel safer to me until I learn more about them. So that's how I remembered Vespa. I honestly can't think of other brands of scooters besides Vespa and the Hoveround or whatever it is, and that's a old people motorized chair that goes 2 miles per hour....

Question of the Day: Who is your favorite late-night talk show host? (ex: Letterman, Conan, Leno, etc.)

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BlueCoder said...

I'm excited to see if you do get the scooter though I doubt it. I had/have a motorcycle. Unlike a motorcycles, scooters get amazing millage. And if you never looked it up, insurance for scooters and motorcycles are $100 or less in CA.