sleep is becoming an issue....

OK, so I am so wound up with this move it's insane. It's all I can think about, all I can talk about, and I'm not sleeping well because of everything I'm thinking about with it. I want to talk about other things, but I can't seem to come up with other topics because even talking about movies (my favorite subject) brings me back to the reason I'm moving to LA in the first place! I'm sleeping really poorly because I'm so wound up and waking up every two hours.

I did something mildly related to moving today. I'm trying to get organized. I figured out a way to organize my jewelry that I'm making. I've got a large frame that I'm going to decorate and then fill in with a chicken-wire type stuff and then I'll hang S-hooks from it to hang necklaces from it. I'll add a wooden dowel with eye-screws for the hundreds of bracelets that's I'm accruing (these are just simple, single-strand, single color, stretchy ones). I'll put some thin jewelry chain on it for earrings and either paint the backer-board black, or leave it out entirely (I haven't decided). But it's a project to get my mind off of moving. So today, to work on it, I went through the vintage section of art.com looking at posters and little things that I can print out and glue onto the frame. I think because of the nature of the frame, I'm going to use Poloson pictures (not the chickens and fruit, just the shoes and corsets and such). But I'll glue those around the edges and then use a silver paint around the edges of the raised parts of the frame. It's simple, but it does have a little detail--just enough to annoy me.... Maybe I'll post a picture of it when (if) I finish it.

Question of the Day: What color eyes do you have? (Don't just say "brown." I'll bet your eyes are a lot cooler than that, dammit!)


BlueCoder said...

You remind me a friend of a friend of mine named Bridget. She's totally into making and repairing all sorts of stuff. She often decoratively reappolsters select pieces of furniture, such as chairs and stools but I believe she still does jewelry.

Anonymous said...

Technically, blue. But they do tend to shift shades and hues depending on what I'm wearing. Sometimes even hazel or green, but I don't know how that's possible.