Shopping Trip

So my mom and I went shopping today. Sort of. We didn't do the all out girls shopping trip, but we went to lunch after our respective doctor's appointments (she had a dentist appointment and I had an appointment with a gastro-something-or-other). Then we went to Joanne's, Linen's 'n' Things, and then Target. I think I've said before that I've gotten really into beading and jewelry making, but I had to get more stuff for gifts for Christmas. Also, since mom was with me, we picked out some Christmas gifts for me, that I'll use to make gifts for others, then wrap and stick under the tree. It's all sorts of crazy. But this way, Mom knows she's getting something I want. It's not expensive, but hey....

I also want an ipod and a car, but what can you do?

We went to Linen's 'n' Things, and I was shocked because they sell wine now. They're only supposed to sell things like sheets and towels and drapes and soap dishes!! Why are they selling wine?? And it's not like it's only one or two varieties: they've got a whole wine section. It's as big or bigger than the towel section!!! And they sell food too!!! I was so confused!!! And they still don't sell the brand that I love. I've only found Cloudy Bay at the liquor store near my house. It's crazy. None of the specialty wine places sell it, but I walk into the liquor store by my house and they've got it on the shelf there.

After that we stopped at Target. We went in to look for shams to match the quilt/bedspread that my mom had bought at a different Target a few days earlier. And for Starbuck's. I find it so amusing that Starbuck's is in Target. There's one shopping center with a Barnes & Noble and a Target, so now there's 2 Starbucks. It's just like New York! (But with more strip malls!) *sigh*

Question of the Day: What's you're favorite Starbuck's treat?

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