Poor doggies....

OK, so again I was reading Slate (it's getting to be a habit--they've got some good articles, and free!) and I came across an article on genetic engineering. OK, so Genetic engineering is really nothing new. It's been in the news and everyone's heard about DNA and mapping the human genome or DNA comparisons and all of that, even if they only watch CSi or something once in a while. Great. So I found this article the same place or area that I found the article on the SUV from last night's entry. At any rate it's all about how humans have been Genetically Engineering dogs practically since we could walk upright. Different breeds were 'Engineered' to do different things, hunt, herd, protect, obey. It's scary. And all the inbreeding has caused genetic defects and diseases that are specific to each breed. At any rate the article is called "FrankenFido: Our creepiest genetic invention, the dog." It's the most appropriate title for the article. I can officially never look at a dog the same way.

And if you think about it, cats are the same way, not as extreme, but much the same. Cats were domesticated, and then bred, but nowhere near to the extreme that dogs were, and still are! I never thought of it as twisted, but it totally is. It's really scary..... Ick!!

Question of the Day: What kind of pets do you have, or did you have growing up, or do you wish you have?

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Anonymous said...

over the years i've had... cats, australian water dragons, red-eared sliders, koi fish, various freshwater aquarium fish, frogs, and bunnies.

um, i guess i like animals!