OK, I think shoes have turned into the complete bane of my entire existence (at least when it comes to clothing)!! I have an odd foot size, so it's officially impossible to find shoes. I wear an 11 Narrow. It's impossible to find in stores, so I was looking at Nordstrom's website, and I found 2 pairs that I want to get, but my mom convinced me to wait until I get out to LA where they have like 6 stores in the area. They're so cute though. One's a slide with leather strappy things in turquoise, and it's on sale, so it's just under $40. The other pair is a slingback in suede with almost a tennis shoe look and totally cute, but they're almost $83.

Don't get me wrong, I love shoes as much as any other girl, but I hate having to shop for them!!! I'm going out of my mind!! I have 2 pair of shoes that I could wear in an office environment and one of them is actually a little two small, and the other I wouldn't wear with a skirt (they're little ankle boots, but they're wide around the ankle, great with pants, not with skirts).

Question of the Day: What size shoe do you wear?


Meridith said...

8.5W - pretty average.

I have trouble finding cute shoes that are wide width. Any shoes that I really like that are dressy or heels, are too narrow across the toes or balls of my feet. Which kinda REALLY sucks... so I know how you feel about trying to find shoes.

P.S. - you REALLY need to get more people to comment.

BlueCoder said...

What is it with shoes and women? Man probably invented the bow and arrow for hunting but I'm pretty sure it was a woman that invented shoes!

This must be pretty weird. A complete stranger reading about your life like a novel!