The World is Not Enough

Ok, so it's waaaay too early for Christmas. I'm in shock that Thanksgiving is next week, and Christmas is less than a month and a half away. That's just not okay!!!

So I was thinking about Christmas and about the worst line in a movie ever, namely the last (or nearly last) line in The World is Not Enough:

James Bond : “I was wrong about you”

Dr. Christmas Jones : “Yeah? How so?”

James Bond : “I thought Christmas only comes once a year.”

It's officially the worst movie quote ever. They named that character that just for that line!! It's so cheesy!! AAGH!!

OK, I'm over it....

Question of the Day: What color is your hair?


Meridith said...

Through out my life:
Tow head blonde,
dirty blonde
(very short stint as a strawberry blonde in 9th grade)
dark blonde
I'm currently holding at dark blonde.

Debbie said...

I do remember when you were strawberry blonde. I liked it...