I am so proud of myself!!! I've finally gotten back into my movie swing again. Well sorta.

My friend Chris came over to Fort Myers for the weekend (he lives in Fort Lauderdale) and he was always my movie buddy. So while he was here, we saw 3 different movies this weekend. YAY!!! Considering I haven't seen a movie in the theaters since A History of Violence came out.

We started off when he came into town on Friday, I dragged him to the new Harry Potter movie. It's the first time I've actually read the book before seeing the movie (in terms of a Harry Potter book), so I was laughing and random spots that people didn't understand. I thought the books were much bigger, but apparently not. Or at least no one really remembered the little stuff that I thought was amusing.

At any rate, I had a crap-load of stufff to do on Saturday that I did while watching movies on TV (The Lady Eve, Legally Blonde, and Serendipity) that I only vaguely got done.

Sunday, I worked at my temp job (I only work holidays), then had a group meeting 'til 6:30, so we met for another couple of movies. We started with Walk the Line. That was a fantastic movie. I really loved it. Reese Whitherspoon is a better actress than even I gave her credit for, and I knew she was good....

I'm a huge movie fan, so you probably don't want to take my movie advicce simply because I end to like everything. You have to get used to my degrees of liking a movie. "Fantastic" is 4 stars, "Great" is 3 stars, "Good" is 2 stars, "I liked it" is one star. Only, "Eh" doesn't get any stars. And if I say I don't like a movie, it gets negative stars....

At any rate, after that one, we went to Jarhead. That was great. It was a little beyond what I expected. I knew that military guys were intense, but I didn't think they were that intense. My dad was Navy, waaaaay back in the day. Not only that but he was a test pilot. So he was completely crazy, so I had an idea of how nuts military guys could be. But the USMC is veeerrrry different than the Navy.... And that's all I have to say about that....

Question of the Day: What kind of underwear are you wearing?

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Meridith said...

I'm wearing funny undies.

I wish I have seen HALF the movies you have. But, alas, I am Brokus Maximus.