Mistaken Identity

Today, I e-mailed someone with the same name as me. Well almost. Her name is spelled slightly different. Her name is spelled the way everyone assumes that mine is spelled. My last name is actually a fairly common last name, all things considered, but no one can seem to spell it correctly. Everyone seems to want to stick an E in it somewhere, or an S on the end of it. But last week I verbally gave a new friend my e-mail address. He asked how to spell my first name ("I or Y or IE? One B or two?"), but not my last. I of course didn't correct him, wanting to see what happened. His e-mail finally got to me over the weekend when he told me what had happened. I knew that he would either get a "Mailer-Daemon" or some random person he's never met. Either way it would be pretty damn funny for me. But apparently, he got another girl, and he told me that, so I e-mailed her today. I have yet to hear anything back from her....

Question of the Day: What is your favorite chewing gum flavor?

1 comment:

Meridith said...

winter green

grape is ewwy.