Jazz and the Cult of the Mac

I love Jazz. I'm currently listening to DI.fm's Modern Jazz stream and I love it. It's got Miles Davis and Coltrane, and Eric Dolphy is currently playing, though I've never heard of him. I love it. It's so good, with a great beat the doesn't distract from whatever you're *supposed* to be doing (like homework, usually, though often times it's just work.)

I am a card carrying member of the cult of the Mac. I think there's a book with that title, though I've never read it. But in this household we have 6 Macs in various stages of useability. There's a 10 or 15 year old s/e 30 that hasn't functioned quite properly since cell phones started being popular. I think the radio waves mess with it's functionality. We've got a Performa 630 that was mine, then my mom stole it from me to play with Quicken. We've got an old shell of a PowerMac G3 that my dad fried by playing with it's system files far too much. We took it partially apart to see if we could fix it, and couldn't. But luckily we did manage to take the hard drive out of it and off load the files onto the G5 that we got for my dad for Father's day last year. It's not a dual sadly, and it's over a year old, so it's only 1.6 gHtz, but that's still pretty damn fast! Then we've got a toilet seat/clam shell iBook. One of the originals that's about 6 years old (maybe a little more). I got it sometime during my first year of college. It still functions mostly well, except it has no hard drive space left because we put OSX 10.3 on it. Also the battery is pretty much defunct: it won't even turn on unless it's plugged in. Then there's my computer. It's the newest and the sexiest. Granted it's not a G5, but it is an almost brand new iBook. It's all sleek and white and pretty. I got it in June with the money I got for my graduation. I do literally everything on this computer and have it with me at nearly all times.

Question of the Day: Polka dotted or plaid skirts/pants?

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Meridith said...

Plaid all the way, baby.